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Pittsford Town

Rutland County, Vermont

Pittsford Town Hall is located at 426 Plains Road, Pittsford, VT 05763.
Phone: 802‑483‑6500.


Beginnings [1]

The town of "Pitts Ford" was chartered in 1761 at which time it was part of a territory called the New Hampshire Grants. The area became part of Vermont when it became the 14th State in 1791.

The name is derived from a ford on the Otter Creek, combined with a reference to William Pitt who was, at this time. Prime Minister of England.

Early settlers included Gideon and Benjamin Cooley who came in 1767.

Saw mills, grist mills, tanneries, blacksmith shops and schools sprung up to support the community and Pittsford Village soon developed on the post road running north from Rutland. After 1795, Grangerville formed on Furnace Road, around the Granger family's iron blast furnace and foundry. Many of the workers were Irish immigrants. After the War of 1812, French Canadian farmers arrived and settlement quickened for several decades.

The Town of Pittsford lies between the Taconic Mountains to the west and the Green Mountains to the east. Otter Creek, which winds its way between Florence and Pittsford, is the second largest watershed in the State of Vermont which flows into Lake Champlain.

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