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Magna Township

Salt Lake County, Utah

Township administrative offices are located at 8952 West Magna Main Street Magna, Utah 84044.
Phone: 801-834-2577.

9064 West Magna Main Street

Home at 9064 West Magna Main Street, a contributing resource to the Magna Commercial Downtown Historic District. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2021. Photographed for the NRHP nomination document by K Hovanes, 2017, [cc-4.0], National Register of Historic Places, accessed 2022.

Magna is a Metro Township. Based on election results, five of the six unincorporated townships voted to incorporate as Metro Townships (Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, and White City).

Generally, Metro Townships [†] participate in shared-service contract models to receive their municipal-type services with only minor amounts of self-provision of services. Specifically, Metro Townships receive their contracted services from Local Districts and Interlocal Agencies. By participating in local districts, Metro Townships benefit from leveraging economies of scale that individually, no Metro Township could achieve on its own through self-provision of services. This makes the delivery of municipal-type services more affordable to taxpayers.

The Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services Districts covers the metro townships of Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, White City, the Town of Brighton, and Unincorporated Salt Lake County.

† www.magnametrotownship.org, accessed January, 2022.


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