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Castor Gardens

Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County, PA

Castor Gardens uses the zip codes 19111 and 19149.Located in the vicinity of Castor Avenue and Cottman Avenue, this neighborhood's boundaries are ill-defined.

Castor Gardens [†] was the name of a development of detached homes built north of Magee Avenue, on the east side of Whitaker Avenue. Its name is derived from Castor's mill, which was located to the south of Little Tacony Creek, where it would have crossed Castor Avenue (referred to as "Hartshorne'Rd." on some maps. This was near present-day Magee. Creek is now under the streets.

The brick colonial homes of Castor Gardens were considered more prestigious than the row homes located south of Magee Avenue, which were part of the neighborhood known as Oxford Circle (getting its name from the traffic circle located at the juncture of Oxford Avenue, Castor Avenue, and Roosevelt Boulevard, formerly known as Hunter's Circle).

As the neighborhood developed, the area between Magee and Cottman Avenue, Whitaker Avenue and Castor Avenue was mostly semi-detached and detached homes. To differentiate this area from the row homes south of Magee and east of Castor Avenue, the use of the name Castor Gardens began in the 1950s.

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Castor Avenue • Cottman Avenue • Devereaux Avenue • Magee Avenue • Oxford Avenue • Whitaker Avenue