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Kane Borough

McKean County, Pennsylvania

Kane Borough Hall is located at 112 Bayard Street, Kane PA 16735.
Phone: 814‑837‑9240.

Beginnings [1]

Kane was named in honor of Thomas Leiper Kane, of Philadelphia, the most distinguished citizen of the county, who, with David Cornelius, led an exploring expedition into the region in 1859. He bought an extensive tract where the town now stands, and built a house there in 1860. Kane led the famous "Bucktails" from this vicinity through the War of the Rebellion, fighting in thirty-five battles. General Kane returned to his new town and encouraged its development. Here he was visited by President Ulysses S. Grant, who was shown the points of interest in the county. The altitude of nearly 2,300 feet above sea level makes it a region of scenic beauty, unsurpassed in that region known as the Pennsylvania Highlands. Kane was established in Wetmore Township, February 15, 1887. Seat of a variety of industries. Population [1943], 6,133. Population [2008] approximately 4,200.

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