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Edinboro Borough

Erie County, Pennsylvania

Edinboro Borough Hall is located at 124 Meadville Street, Edinboro PA 16412.
Phone: 814‑734‑1812.

Edinboro is, first and foremost, a "college town." Established as a private Academy in 1856, the Edinboro Normal School was the second teacher-training institution created in Pennsylvania. (Millersville, Lancaster County, was the first). The following year, Pennsylvania passed an act known as the "State Normal Act of 1857" and the Academy became the Edinboro Normal School. The State purchased the school in 1914, and by 1926 became the Edinboro State Teachers College, a 4-year institution granting degrees as Bachelor of Science in Education. The name was changed to Edinboro State College in 1960. In 1983 Edinboro was granted university status as part of Pennsylvania's comprehensive commonwealth university system.

Edinboro's population is approximately 6,600. Full-time enrollment of more than 6,000 students nearly doubles the number of people found around town during regular university sessions.

Beginnings [1]

The original surveys of the territory where Edinboro and the State Normal School are situated were made in June, 1795. The lands so surveyed were what are known as Population lands, a company of that name having purchased large bodies of land from the Commonwealth. It is probable that the tract in the name of James Gentle was at or near the outlet of Conneauttee lake, which is located just north of the town of Edinboro. For some reason the surveyor did not represent the lake upon the return of survey of James Gentle, or on the tracts adjoining or adjacent to the said James Gentle tract. A return of survey, however, was made by John Cochran, Deputy Surveyor, of the tract of land situated at the outlet of Conneauttee lake, showing the outline of the entire body of water which comprised the lake at that time. The survey of this tract of land was made on the 28th day of May, probably in the year 1804, as the warrant authorizing the survey bears date the ninth day of March, 1804. The survey of this tract is somewhat mutilated and does not show the year in which the survey was made, but as before indicated, it was probably made in the same year in which the warrant was granted. Upon this survey it a notation by which it is asserted that William Culbertson was in possession of the tract of land at the time of the survey and that he claimed under the Population Company's title. The survey showing the lake is found in the unpatented files of the Land Office Bureau, but a patent was granted under the other survey on warrant in the name of James Gentle, to the representative of the Pennsylvania Population Company, bearing date the twenty-third day of July, 1799 ...

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