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South Centre Township

Columbia County, Pennsylvania

South Centre Township municipal offices are located at 6260 Fourth Street, Bloomsburg PA 17815.
Phone: 570‑784‑7718.

Beginnings [1]

Erected when old Centre Township was divided May 7, 1923, to form North Centre and South Centre townships. Villages of Lime Ridge and Willow Grove are located within the township. The former is named for extensive limestone deposits and its resulting industry. Isaac Low was an early and enterprising citizen. Fort Jenkins was built in 1778, the site being a short distance from the river bank, about a mile below Willow Grove. It was the blockhouse of two Jenkins brothers, who stockaded it when the Indians became troublesome soon after the beginning of the Revolutionary War. There was an Indian town on the opposite shore of the river, and they killed one of the brothers as he was at the river shore. The other brother, with the women and children, succeeded in passing down the river in a boat to Fort Augusta, and they never returned. The fort became an important point of refuge for the settlers in that region, and it was garrisoned by Provincial soldiers, sent there from Fort-Augusta. There was a chain of forts from Fort Jenkins, on the North Branch to Fort Reid, near present Lock Haven, which were supported by Fort Augusta. Fort Jenkins was able to withstand all attempts of the Indians to take or destroy it until late in 1780. Following the unsuccessful three-days' attack on Fort Montgomery the Indians, British and Tories hurried toward Fort Jenkins, burning the Aikman house on Cabin Run, and when they arrived to attack Fort Jenkins it had been evacuated by the garrison, and the torch was applied and the fort totally destroyed. It was never rebuilt. The site of the fort has been marked by a boulder upon which is a bronze tablet, and a flagpole displays the flag. The boulder and tablet were erected by the Moses Van Campen and Fort McClure Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution in 1925.

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