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Benner Township

Centre County, Pennsylvania

Benner Town Hall is located at 1225 Buffalo Run Road, Bellefonte PA 16823.
Phone: 814‑355‑1419.


Beginnings [1]

Benner township was called in honor of General Philip Benner who established Rock iron works on Spring creek, within the limits of the present township, as early as 1793. The first iron he manufactured he packed on horses over the mountains to Pittsburgh. A forge was erected by Daniel Turner on Spring creek near what is known as Roopsburg, with saw and grist mill, as early as 1795. The township of Benner was erected at April Term, 1863. The premises on which General Benner's iron works were erected now belong to Major William F. Reynolds, of Bellefonte. They were known as Rock iron works. Population of Benner township in 1860 was 1193; in 1870, 1362; in 1880, 1287, a decrease, as in 1875 a corner of the township was set off to the new township of College.

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