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Gallows Hill

Springfield Twp, Bucks County, PA

One of the most interesting aspects of Gallows Hill is the historical origin of its name. Although several explanations have been offered, none of them is well documented. One story claims that during the Indian Walking Purchase of 1737, Edward Marshall broke his "gallowses" (suspenders) while jumping a stream near Gallows Hill. Supposedly, he left the gallowses" hanging in a tree near the stream. However, this explanation has been refuted because Marshall referred to the place as Gallows Hill in a survey shortly after the Walking Purchase, indicating that he knew the name of the place at the time of the walk. Another story claims that the name came from Joseph Galloway who was interested in purchasing land tracts in northern Bucks County in 1773. This explanation must also be wrong since the area was known as Gallows Hill long before 1773. A third explanation is that a dead man, who had apparently committed suicide, was found hanging from a chestnut tree next to the road on Gallows Hill. Although this is a rather morbid explanation, it has not been proven wrong.

Presently, Gallows Hill is a small village located in a scenic area surrounded by hills and woods. The village principally consists of older residential dwellings. A small store is located at the intersection of Harrow Road and Gallows Hill Road. At first glance, the store appears to be boarded up and closed; however, the store is in operation and seems to do a brisk business. A stone marker, which commemorates the passage of the Walking Purchase participants through the area, stands in front of the store.

Source: Springfield Township Comprehensive Plan, 2002

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Gallows Hill Road • Harrow Road • Route 412