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New Galilee Borough

Beaver County, Pennsylvania

New Galilee Borough; PO Box 465, New Galilee PA 16141.
Phone: 724‑336‑6216.

Beginnings [1]

New Galilee borough is on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad, about seven miles northwest from Beaver Falls. Surrounded by a rich agricultural population, it has also all the facilities, in an abundance of coal and timber and good transportation, of becoming a center of manufacturing. It is also the eastern terminus of the Pittsburg, Lisbon & Western R. R.

New Galilee was incorporated into a borough by a decree of the court made January 15, 1868, the application for the rights of incorporation having been made at the previous June sessions and approved by the grand jury. The signers of the application were P. L. Grim, Robert Porter, J. B. Johnston, John Acheson, W. Thompson, W. D. Eakin, John Graebing, R. E. Hudson, Dr. R. J. Brittain, and twenty-two others. The first election was held the third Friday of March following, at which John S. Hudson was judge and W. D. Eakin and John Acheson were inspectors. The town was surveyed and plotted June 13 and 14, 1876, by county surveyor James Harper. The streets are run at right angles to each other, Washington and Centennial avenues running north and south, and Jackson, Jefferson, Monroe, and Madison from east to west.

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