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Glasgow Borough

Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Glasgow Borough Hall is located at 178 Route 68, Midland PA 15059.
Phone: 724‑764‑7669.


The village of Glasgow was incorporated into a borough, October 12, 1854, in answer to a petition presented at the March sessions previous, confirmed by the grand jury, whose foreman was David White. The signers of the petition were as follows: John Caughey, C. Thompson, Joseph McCain, Samuel M. Stevenson, James Wilson, George Wilson, Jane Morrow, John A. Hays, James P. McGrew, Zadok Smith, John F. Miller, J. Toms, Jesse McGrew, John McGrew, George Pucy, Nelson Smith, John Ewing, Samuel Ewing, Thomas Kirkendall, Alfred McFall, John McFall, Zeddock Donner, W. Smith, John Estep. The decree of the court reads as follows:

The name and style of the said Borough shall be "The Borough of Glasgow" and its boundaries shall be as set forth and contained in the petition and accompanying draft. The annual election shall be held at the house of Alfred McFall in said borough on the third Saturday of March in each year, commencing in 1855 ... The first election shall be held at the said house of Alfred McFall on the third Saturday of November, 1854, between the same hours, and the court appoint Jesse McGrew, judge, and John A. Hays and Uriah Smith inspectors of said election, and John Caughey, Esq., to give notice of the same in the manner provided by law for giving notice of constables elections.

The laying out of Glasgow was prompted by the hopes of future importance to be given to this section by the construction of the Sandy and Beaver Canal, whose southern terminus was at Glasgow. That canal was built, but was abandoned owing to lack of water at the summit. Good shipping facilities and means of transit are, however, afforded to the town by the river and the Cleveland & Pittsburg [sic] Railroad. Harris's Pittsburg Business Directory for 1837 mentions George Dawson and John Bunton as merchants at Glasgow in that year.

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