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Ambridge Borough

Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Borough municipal offices are located at 600 11th Street, Ambridge PA 15003.
Phone: 724‑266‑4070.

The borough is part of the Ambridge Area School District along with the boroughs of Baden, Economy, and South Heights, and, Harmony Township.

Ambridge Borough was incorporated in 1905, a year which mediates two important historic events relating to the area. First, the Harmony Society, established here circa 1824, was dissolved. Secondly, the incorporation was the result of the growth of what was then essentially a "company town." That enterprise was the American Bridge Company, formed in 1900 from a merger of 28 small bridge construction and structural steel companies. Employment swelled the population to 20,000 people by the time the depression hit. Over 60% of Ambridge's population was foreign born, and were collectively recognized by the Commonwealth as a "thrifty lot." Across Pennsylvania as the depression approached, Ambridge had the largest per-capita savings-and-loan investment. Culture and heritage remain today highly informed through historic events documented by the National Register of Historic places through Old Economy Village (a National Historic Landmark) and the Economy Historic District.