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Bendersville Borough

Adams County, Pennsylvania

Bendersville Borough Hall is located at 125‑B Rampike Hill Road, Bendersville PA 17306.
Phone: 717‑677‑8112.

Beginnings [1]

Bendersville was incorporated from Menallen Township in 1866. John Schlosser patented the site in 1811, and when settled it was called Wilsonville. Henry Bender eventually owned the site. The post office was established in 1832. The name was changed to honor the owner when it became a borough. The Menallen Agricultural Club, devoted to the interest of farmers and fruit growers, was organized in 1860, since which time agricultural exhibitions were regularly held for many years, when the buildings and fixtures were removed to Gettysburg and exhibitions continued under the title of the Adams County Agricultural Society.

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