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Waldport City

Lincoln County, Oregon

Waldport City Hall is located at 125 Alsea Highway, Waldport, OR 97394.
Phone: 541‑264‑7417.


Waldport as described in 1940 [1]

Waldport, on the south shore of Alsea Bay, was settled in 1880, and its inhabitants still make a living by clam and crab fishing and packing, though summer visitors are an increasingly important source of income. Here are manufactured the brightly colored cedar floats that mark the crab-fishermen's nets, which resemble huge butterfly nets, with steel rings at the top and sinkers at the lower end, where bait is fastened. These nets are used near the ocean shore and in the bays, while copper or iron crab pots are employed farther out on the "banks." An annual Crab Festival is held here.

Waldport is at the junction with State 34. US 101 now parallels the beach, which was for many years the only road between Newport and Yachats. Incautious drivers often mired wagons and automobiles in wet sand, and then struggling to save their vehicles, some were caught by the in-tide. (Cars should not be driven on beach just before or during return of tide).

On the wild beach meadow is an extensive, grass-covered kitchen midden, or shell heap, where Yakonan, seated about their fires tossed aside the emptied shells of clams, oysters, and crabs as well as stripped animal bones. As the mass of refuse grew in size through the years it was at times covered lightly with sand and earth to lessen the noisome odor of decomposition. Tribes from as far north as Tillamook Bay and as far south as Coos Bay, joined in these "skookum chuck" feasts. Similar shell mounds, considerably overgrown, are found elsewhere along the Oregon coast.

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