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Lake Oswego City

Clackamas County, Oregon

Lake Oswego City Hall is located at 380 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.
Phone: 503‑635‑0215.


Lake Oswego is located in Northwest Oregon south of the City of Portland. It is bounded by the Willamette River to the East; West Linn, Clackamas County and the Tualatin River to the South; the West by Washington County and the North by the City of Portland. Lake Oswego can be characterized by its steep hillsides, rises and forested ridges that surround Oswego Lake. The surrounding hills are dissected by many natural streams and ravines that flow into Oswego Lake and the Tualatin and Willamette Rivers. [City of Lake Oswego, Public Facilities Plan: 1997-2017, www.ci.oswego.or.us, accessed January, 2014]

Oswego Town was founded in 1847 by Albert Alonzo Durham who named it for his birthplace, Oswego, NY. Iron ore was discovered in 1841. In 1865 the Oregon Iron Company incorporated, hoping to make Oswego the "Pittsburg of the West." By the end of the first decade of the 20th century the iron industry had died out.

Oswego was incorporated as a city in 1910 and began supplying electricity to the community via the power plant that had been built ca. 1905-1909. Large tracts of city-owned land were sold to developers including Paul Murphy and the Ladd Estate Company which undertook residential development. Residential development around Lake Oswego's perimeter accelerated through the 1940s and 1950s. In 1960 Lake Grove was annexed, and the name change from Oswego City to Lake Oswego City. [www.ci.oswego.or.us, A Brief History of Our City ..., accessed January, 2014]