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Sheldon Town, Wyoming County, NY

Beginnings [1]

Johnsonburg (Johnsonsburgh) village was named after George Johnson, who caused the first post office to be established here, and who opened the first store. The village is partly in Orangeville and partly in Sheldon.

Lyman Tuttle came to Johnsonsburgh in 1814. At that time there were 5 log houses and a shanty. The first store was opened in 1827. The first school was taught in 1821, by Trumbull Hurlbut, in a log dwelling house. Lyman and Ransom Tuttle attended this school. In 1824 the first school house was built. Isaac Lamb built the first frame house. A man named Martin built the first grist mill. A Methodist Episcopal church was formed in 1823 with Reverend William Jones and John Cosort as the first preachers.

  1. History of Wyoming County, N.Y., F. W. Beers & Co., 1880.

Street Names
Centerline Road • Route 98