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Lake Luzerne Town

Warren County, New York

Lake Luzerne Town Hall is located at 51 Main Street, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846.
Phone: 518‑696‑2711.


Location [1]

Lake Luzerne Town occupies the extreme southern projection of the County, bounded on the east by Queensbury and Caldwell, and on the west and south by the Hudson River which separates it from Saratoga County. Warrensburg adjoins to the north. A broad valley, an extension of the depression which holds Lake George, cuts across Luzerne from northeast to southwest and widens to a considerable flatland before reaching the Hudson. Several resort lakes, Luzerne, Vanare, Forest, and Allure, lie in this valley, and through it runs the only main highway, State 9K which crosses the Hudson just below the village of Luzerne, and continues south through Corinth to Saratoga Springs.

Beginnings [1]

Set off from Queensbury on April 10, 1792, the town was known as Fairfield until April 6, 1808, when it was named Luzerne in honor of the Chevalier de la Luzerne, a French nobleman, sent by his government to aid the Americans after the Battle of Saratoga. Much of the story of the early settlers can be but vaguely perceived through the mists of time. After the French and Indian War the two Jessup brothers secured tremendous land grants and established themselves as land barons. They furnished their frontier homes lavishly and imitated the extravagant luxury of noblemen. During the American Revolution they joined the Loyalists, their homes were looted and burned, their settlements wiped out, and they fled to Canada. There they joined raiding parties that scourged the frontier. At the end of the war their lands were confiscated, and resettlement began on a new basis.

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