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Carlisle Town

Schoharie County, New York

Town of Carlisle, PO Box 104, Carlisle NY 12031.
Phone: 518‑234‑3737.

Beginnings [1]

The Town of Carlisle was formed from Cobleskill and Sharon, March 31, 1807. It is a central town upon the north border of the County. The surface consists principally of an immense ridge, lying between the valleys of the Mohawk and Cobleskill, the summit of which is 800 to 1000 feet above the former stream. This ridge descends to the north by a series of terraces, formed by the different geological strata, and the south by gradual slopes, following the general dip of the rocks. A conical elevation near the south line, early known as Owaeresouere, is one of the highest points in the County, and may be seen from Hamilton County, fifty miles distant. The streams are small brooks. The soil is chiefly a clay loam. Hops are extensively cultivated. Several caves are found in the limestone regions in various parts of the town. The principal of these are known as Young's and Selkirk's Caves. Near Carlisle Village is a small cavern, in which it is supposed the Indians found shelter during the Revolution. Fibrous sulphate of barytes, fibrous carbonate of lime and arragonite, are found near Grovenor's Corners.

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