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Pulaski Village

Oswego County, New York

Pulaski Village Hall is located at 4917 Jefferson Street, Pulaski NY 13142.
Phone: 315‑298‑2622. Located in the Snow Memorial Building.

Beginnings [1]

Pulaski is a small village located in the eastern portion of Oswego County, three miles east of Lake Ontario. The village is intersected by NY Route 11, a major nineteenth-century north-south coach road (today, the main commercial street) and by the Salmon River, which winds through the village separating the historic district from the lower village to the east.

The early settlers of Pulaski were attracted to the area by the bountiful forests and the abundant water power for mills. In addition, the Salmon River was a source of fresh water salmon which became an important commodity in trading. When Pulaski was finally incorporated as a village in 1832 there were numerous saw mills, shingle mills, and wood-working establishments. The dense forests, however, hindered travel and there were no convenient trails from Oswego to Pulaski. Therefore, when the county was created in 1816 it became one of the few half-shire counties in the state. Pulaski became the seat for government in the east while Oswego governed the western half of the county.

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