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Canandaigua Town

Ontario County, New York

Canandaigua Town Hall is located at 5440 State Route 5 and 20, Canandaigua NY 14424.
Phone: 585‑394‑1120.


The Town of Canandaigua lies in the center of Ontario County, New York, approximately twenty-five (25) miles southeast of Rochester. At the fringe of the Rochester Metropolitan Area, it has experienced increased suburban development pressure in recent years. Still, the town remains mostly rural.

The Town of Canandaigua wraps around the northern shores of Canandaigua Lake. It is bordered by the Towns of Hopewell to the east, East Bloomfield and Bristol to the west, Farmington to the north, and South Bristol and Gorham to the south. The town encompasses just over 57 square miles and surrounds the nearly 5 square mile City of Canandaigua. The City of Canandaigua lies at the northern tip of Canandaigua Lake and is a separate governing body from the Town of Canandaigua.

Beginnings [1]

The area where the City of Canandaigua now lies was the principal village of the Seneca Indians. White settlers established the District of Canandaigua in 1789. Canandaigua officially became a Town two years later in 1791. The name of the town is derived from the Native American word 'Kanandarque' which means 'The Chosen Spot'. The name reflects both the area's scenic location along the northern shores of Canandaigua Lake and its productive soils. The Village of Canandaigua was incorporated in 1815, and it became the City of Canandaigua in 1913.

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