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Geddes Town

Onondaga County, New York

Geddes Town Hall is located at 1000 Woods Road, Solvay, New York 13209.
Phone: 315‑468‑2527.

Beginnings [1]

The town and village of Geddes derive their name from Honorable James Geddes, who first visited Onondaga in 1792. He returned and formed a company in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for the purpose of manufacturing salt, and in the year 1793 came on from that place by way of Seneca Lake and River to fix upon a location for his works. He selected a site at the head of the lake where a portion of the village of Geddes now stands, and took possession of it in April, 1794.

Its organization took place on March 18, 1848, and was made to embrace all that part of the town of Salina lying west of the lake and not included in the City of Syracuse. Under a law of May 17, 1886, nearly the whole of Geddes village was annexed to Syracuse as the 9th and 10th wards, and its history thenceforward is embodied with that of the city. The surface of the town is level in the north part, rolling in the south, and constitutes some of the best and most productive farm lands in the county. Nine Mile Creek flows eastwardly across the town and Seneca River forms the north boundary. Today the Town of Geddes still includes the Villages of Solvay and Geddes, which operates independently, and the hamlets of Westvale and Lakeland.

The village of Geddes was incorporated by act of Legislature passed April 20, 1832. The first election of village officers was authorized to be held on the first Tuesday in June, 1832. All of the village records down to 1850 were destroyed by fire on the night of the 8th of February, 1850; consequently no proceedings of the village authorities, or list of officers, can be given for the interval of eighteen years.

There also was an Old Geddes Village which included part of the west side of Syracuse and Tipperary Hill, the village square being located near St. Mark's Circle. The Village of Geddes (incorporated in 1832 and 1837) was annexed to the City of Syracuse on May 20, 1886 with a population of nearly 7,000.

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