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Newport Town

Herkimer County, New York

Newport Town Hall is located at 2788 Newport Road, Newport NY 13416.
Phone: 315‑845‑8340.


The Town of Newport was first settled in 1791 by Rhode Islanders, possibly attracted to the area by the water power potential of the West Canada Creek. During the first quarter of the nineteenth century, the hamlet of Newport emerged as the business and manufacturing nucleus of the town, providing tradesmen and services to a growing rural population. After 1830, the town experienced a significant influx of Irish immigrants, many of whom turned to farming. Dairying and cheese production became leading agricultural industries by 1850.

Beers' 1879 History contains biographical sketches of the following persons of importance in the Town of Newport: J. B. Holcomb, M.D., Walter H, Ward, Henry L. Ward, Christopher Hawkins, Wetel Willoughby, M.D., Honorable Sherman Wooster, and Stuart Perry.