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Marathon Town

Cortland County, New York

Marathon Town Hall is located at 40 West Main Street, Marathon NY 13803.
Phone: 607‑849‑6966.

Beginnings [1]

Marathon, originally named Harrison, was formed from Cincinnatus in 1818. Its name was changed in 1827 as there was another town of the same name in New York.

The first settlement of this town was commenced in 1794, by Dr. Japeth Hunt and his wife and two sons, James and William, and three daughters. They entered the Tioughnioga Valley from the south, in canoes, and located about a mile south of the present Village of Marathon. Dr. Hunt came from New England and had served as a surgeon during the Revolutionary War. He was advanced in years by the time he came to Marathon, but his children were mature and took upon themselves the tasks of forming a settlement. Abraham Brink moved into town with his family in 1800. He came up the river in a canoe, opened an inn soon after his arrival, and kept it for more than 20 years. Though he could neither read or write, he was appointed the first postmaster in the town. A family by the name of Alford and a man by the name of Lee were among the early settlers. Other early settlers included John S. Squires, Ebenezer Carley, and Patrick Mallory.

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