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Salamanca City

Cattaraugus County, New York

Salamanca City Hall is located at 225 Wildwood Avenue, Salamanca NY 14779.
Phone: 716‑945‑4620.

The only city in the U.S. that lies almost completely on an Indian Reservation.

Salamanca was incorporated as a village in 1870 and later (1909) as a City.

A gambling casino was opened here in 2004.

The Seneca Nation of Indians (SNI) is one of the six tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy who occupy aboriginal lands in New York State set aside by the Treaty of Canandaigua of 1794. The Seneca Nation of Indians has a total population of over 7200 enrolled members and holds title to three territories in New York, one of which includes the City of Salamanca. [www.sni.org, accessed August, 2009]