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White Rock

Los Alamos County, New Mexico

White Rock is a census‑designated place; a community established in 1947.


Located some five miles south and east of the Los Alamos town center on the hill, White Rock [1] is very much a family-oriented community with an area of 7.2 square miles and a population of approximately 5,631 people, many of whom are either employed by or retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The White Rock community was established in 1947, when the Atomic Energy Commission acquired land from the U.S. Forest Service to build a temporary community for construction workers. That community was abandoned by 1953, and by 1958, all of the original buildings had been demolished or removed. The second White Rock community began in 1963.

The most significant distinguishing physical feature of White Rock is its location on the eastern edge of White Rock Canyon. The canyon averages 1,000 feet in depth, and was carved by the Rio Grande River. The rugged beauty of the canyon enhances its recreational opportunities, such as hiking and climbing. The canyon is also home to three endangered bird species as well as several rare plant species.

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