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Cramer Hill

Camden City, Camden County, NJ

Residences consist of row homes, twins and detached singles dating back to 1900. Typical home is 2-3 bedrooms, 1 bath.

The neighborhood is named for Alfred Cramer who, in the late 19th century, purchased farmland in what was then Stockton Township. He divided the land into building lots which he sold at prices affordable to the middle class. River Avenue is the primary commercial strip running through the neighborhood, as it has been from the earliest times. Early settlers in Cramer Hill included many German-Americans.


Street Names
16th Street North • 17th Street North • 18th Street North • 19th Street North • 20th Street North • 21st Street North • 22nd Street North • 23rd Street North • 24th Street North • 25th Street North • 26th Street North • 27th Street North • 28th Street North • 29th Street North • 30th Street North • 31st Street North • 32nd Street North • 33rd Street North • 34th Street North • 35th Street North • 36th Street North • Adams Avenue • Arthur Avenue • Beideman Avenue • Bergen Avenue • Buren Avenue • Cambridge Avenue • Cleveland Avenue • Concord Avenue • DuPont Street • Farragut Avenue • Garfield Avenue • Harrison Avenue • Hayes Avenue • Lincoln Avenue • Lis Avenue • Pierce Avenue • Polk Avenue • Reeves Avenue • River Avenue • Sherman Avenue • Tyler Street • Wayne Avenue