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Bass River Township

Burlington County, New Jersey

The Bass River township offices are located at 3 North Maple Avenue, New Gretna, NJ 08224.
Phone: 609-296-3337.


Bass River Township [†] as a political entity was created by an act of the legislature of the State of New Jersey on March 30, 1864. It contained a part of Washington Township but most of its territory was taken from Little Egg Harbor Township.

The name is derived from Bass River which rises in the northeastern part of the township. The first settlement appears to have been made on Daniel Mathis' Island on the east bank of Bass River in 1713. The early settlers were for the most part Quakers who came from England. They bought large tracts of land upon which they built their homes and farms. They were resourceful, independent people, skilled in hunting, fishing, blacksmithing, coopering, carpentering, tanning and shoemaking. The women spun wool and flax, made the dye for the yarn and wove it into cloth for bedding and wearing apparel. Many persons living in Bass River Township at the present time are descended from the early settlers. Some still possess articles made from the homespun.

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