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Carthage Town

Moore County, North Carolina

Carthage Town Hall is located at 4396 Highway 15‑501, Carthage, NC 28327.
Phone: 910‑947‑2331.



Settlement of the area that would become Carthage dates to 1796. It developed into a market town for surrounding plantations and in the 1850s became the location of the county's principal manufacturing enterprise, the Tyson and Kelly (later Tyson and Jones) Buggy Company. The manufacturer employed blacksmiths, wheelwrights, trimmers, upholsterers and painters, and was widely regarded as the premier buggy maker of its time. As the business wound down, it is told that Henry Ford sought to purchase the factory to begin the manufacture of automobiles. When his offer was declined, Ford moved-on to Detroit.

When Moore County was created in 1783, the county seat was located at Fagansville. The town was soon determined to be unsuitable. A courthouse square was laid out at the new location, Carthage, in 1796. But the move of the county seat proceeded slowly and wasn't completed until about 1806.