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Grandview City

Jackson County, Missouri

Grandview City Hall is located at 1200 Main Street, Grandview, MO 64030.
Phone: 816‑316‑4800.


Beginnings [1]

James G. Feland and James W. Jones, local farm owners, formed a partnership to plat a new town on their land near the Kansas City and Southern Railway Company depot. The survey and subdivision of their land was underway in May 1889 and continued through the summer. John Anderson, a local farmer, completed post office application papers in May 1889. In his response to the application forwarded to him by the United States Postal Service, Anderson indicated the name of the post office station was to be "Grand View." In October 1889, John Anderson received notification of the approved application.

In December of that year, Feland and Jones filed the completed plat of the new Town of Grandview," which featured a total of sixteen grid blocks flanking the new railroad tracks. After securing a post office for Grandview, John Anderson built the first commercial structure in town, which was open for business by early 1890. The town's post office operated within Anderson's general merchandise store. The components of a new town in place—a new railroad station, a stockyard, a postmaster, a general store, a thriving rural community, and town lots for sale—Grandview stood poised for a surge in growth. Its future as a railroad market center quickly solidified with the proposal and subsequent introduction of a second rail line through the town the next year.

In 1890, railroad company agents of the Kansas City, Nevada and Ft. Smith Railroad Company purchased "rights of way" and work began on the second rail line through Grandview. In order to save on construction costs, Stillwell arranged to lease access to the eleven miles of track between Kansas City and Grandview recently completed by the Kansas City and Southern Railway Company. From Grandview, the company then constructed a "Y" intersection with the leased tracks for their new tracks headed south.

As the north terminal of the busy Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Gulf Railroad line, the company constructed a new station depot in Grandview by May 1897. The company planned a new repair shop and constructed two houses south of Main Street to accommodate some of the large number of rail men that remained in Grandview. Railroad workmen filled the town, working the switching yards and constructing stock pens to hold cattle, horses, and hogs for shipment to markets in Kansas City or points south. They constructed a semi-circular turnaround from Rhodes Street across Main Street at 5th Street to the southbound tracks. With two railroads running through Grandview and meeting at the "Y" junction of the tracks, the new terminal was known as "Grandview Junction."

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