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Abbot Town

Piscataquis County, Maine

Abbot Town Hall is located at 133 Main Road, Abbot, ME 04406.
Phone: 207‑876‑3340.


Beginnings [1]

The first settler in the area was Abraham Moore, who exchanged his farm for 800 acres of wild land, in four lots of 200 acres each. He felled the trees of the first opening in 1805, in 1806 raised a crop and built a log house, and in 1807 moved his family in. In 1808, Peter Brawn and Eaton Richards moved in with their families. In 1810 the township had 45 inhabitants. It was then called "Moorestown." In 1812 settlers occupied Jackson Ridge, in the southern part of the town. Barnabas Jackson bought the lot and buildings of one of the first settlers and took his residence there in 1815. In 1818 Jeremiah Rolfe settled here. He had fought at Saratoga under General Gates and afterward went to North Carolina with him. He was noted for his skill in fruit raising, and the "Rolfe Apple" which he introduced to the region was highly prized. Other esteemed citizens of a later time were: Honorable J. S. Monroe, Honorable P. S. Lowell, and James Foss.

The Piscataquis River enters the township near its northwestern corner and leaves it near the southeastern. The south branch of the Piscataquis, issuing from a pond in Kingsbury, passes across the southern part of the town.

The town, incorporated in 1827, was named for Professor John Abbot, who served as treasurer of Bowdoin College for many years.

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