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Marydel Town

Caroline County, Maryland

Town of Marydel, PO Box 81, Marydel, MD 21649.
Phone: 410‑482‑2394.


Beginnings [1]

In 1850, William Hall purchased a large tract of forested land, which covered portions of two counties in two different states. One portion of the land was in Caroline County, Maryland and the other portion was in Kent County, Delaware.

Eventually the land was cleared and a sawmill was built to produce lumber for building. The first houses constructed were owned by William Hall, just across the Maryland-Delaware line. Part of the house was used for Hall's shoe shop and the other portion was his living quarters. During its early history, Marydel was known as Hall town but later changed its name to reflect a town that shared two states.

Many of the original structures in Marydel still exist, such as William Hall's home and the town's first store owned by James Smith. Some early industries included dried and canned foods as well as the local railroad. The railroad was an important means of transportation and economic stimulus for many historic Caroline County towns. The Marydel railroad branch began in Clayton, Delaware connected to Marydel and then ran to Greensboro and finally to Oxford in Talbot County. The first railroad station was owned by Joseph T. George.

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