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Bracken County, Kentucky


The Bracken County Courthouse is located at 116 West Miami Street, Brooksville KY 41004; phone: 606-735-2228.

Beginnings [1]

Bracken county was formed in 1796, lies in the northern part of the state, on the Ohio river, and bounded as follows: North by the Ohio river, east by Mason, west by Pendleton, south-west by Harrison, and south-east by Nicholas.

This county derived its name from two creeks: Big and Little Bracken, and these creeks were called for an old hunter, named Bracken, who settled on the banks of one of them, and is supposed to have been killed by the Indians at an early period of the settlement of Kentucky.

Brooksville is the county seat — Augusta the principal town and landing place or depot. The lands of the county are high, and the surface rolling and hilly, such as usually border on the Ohio river, the south-west resting upon the Licking river. The upper part, bordering on Mason, is rich and fertile. The staples are tobacco, wheat, corn and pork. The finest "Mason county tobacco" is raised in Bracken; the wheat crops are good, and the land, when new, produces good corn.

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