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Fruitland City

Oneida County, Idaho

Fruitland City Hall is located at 200 South Whitley, Fruitland, ID 83619.
Phone: 208-452-4421.


Beginnings [†]

Fruitland has a rich history. The original town site of Fruitland was homesteaded in 1897, and was largely planted in orchards of apples and plums. In 1902, the northern area was purchased and development of this area began shortly afterwards. As the community developed, it became known as Fruitland because it was surrounded by some of the finest orchards in the valley.

In 1906, several businesses built stores along Pennsylvania Avenue facing the railroad tracks. By 1909, the commercial center shifted to Southwest 3rd Street and Iowa Avenue, where a grocery store, a blacksmith shop, and saloon opened. The first post office opened in 1911. In 1909, the first grade school was built on Southwest 3rd Street and in 1928, the high school was built.

In 1914, Fruitland was included on the state highway route between Boise, Payette, and northern Idaho. A steel wagon bridge was built across the Snake River in 1905 that provided automobile travel across the river.

Between 1916 and 1930, fruit growing was the principle economic force in the community. A number of packinghouses and warehouses stood on railroad sidings near Pennsylvania Avenue. In the peak years, apple and prune production supported six packinghouses and a cannery. Fruitland was incorporated as a village in 1948. The principal government was a board of trustees consisting of five members headed by a chairman. Gayway Junction was annexed into Fruitland in 1968. The Junction was the site of a dance and music hall where Centennial Plaza is currently located.

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