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Des Moines City, Polk County, IA

Former "suburban town," described in Bushnell's Des Moines City Directory of 1882-1883.

"Among the many evidences of the substantial growth, the material advancement and progress of Des Moines in her numerous manufacturing interests, none speaks more plainly and to the purpose than does the late movement of a few of our enterprising citizens in the purchase of the beautiful grounds just outside the south eastern limits of the city, and laying out the same, in convenient lots for residences, with appropriate streets and alleys. The many manufacturing establishments in that locality already built and in operation, and others to be completed in this vicinity in the near future, revealed the fact to the founders of this suburban town, that the many hundreds of operatives, necessarily employed now, and the additional hundreds to be employed in these establishments of wealth and industry, must be provided with suitable homes, at no great distance from their places of labor.

"Hence, the purchase of the grounds and laying out the new town which they propose to call by the name of Chesterfield. Several new houses are already completed, and the foundations for others are scattered over the addition. The demand for lots indicate that Chesterfield will soon be a very important suburb of Des Moines.

"The proprietors of the town will at once proceed to build houses by the dozen, and are making ready to build a hundred and probably two hundred this year. These houses will be a great convenience to the workingmen in the factories who have now so far to go to find places to live or board."

Note: The map boundary is inferred and approximate.

Street Names
14th Court SE • 14th Street SE • 15th Court SE • 15th Street SE • 18th Street SE • 19th Street SE • 20th Street SE • 22nd Street SE • 23rd Court SE • 23rd Street SE • 24th Street SE • 25thCourt SE • 26th Court SE • 26th Street SE • 27th Court SE • 27th Street SE • 28th Court SE • 28th Street SE • 28th Street SE • 29th Street SE • 30th Street SE • Astor Street SE • Elm Street • Harriet Street • Market Street East • Maury Street • Onawa Street • Raccoon Street • Railroad Avenue East • Scott Avenue • Shaw Street