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Stuart City

Adair County, Iowa

Stuart City Hall is located at 119 East Front Street, Stuart, IA 50250.
Phone: 515‑523‑1455.

Beginnings [1]

Settlers first arrived in the present location of Stuart in the 1850's. This early settlement was mostly comprised of a strong Quaker population. Land for the town was purchased in 1868 by a man named Captain Charles Stuart. During this time, the Rock Island Railroad was completed. Captain Stuart worked closely with the railroad and became the manager for many projects regarding city development and railroad division headquarters. The plat of the town was filed on September 29, 1870 and by 1893 the population had reached 2,500. Throughout this time, Stuart built itself into one of the premier railroad towns in the area but would soon be challenged by tough economic conditions. Stuart was hit hard by the depression as many men were discharged from the railroad shops.

On September 24, 1897 the Rock Island Railroad announced it would shut down. A total of 400 people left Stuart during that next week. Homes and businesses were abandoned and the population decreased to 1,531 by 1925. Stuart is home to the First National Bank which was robbed by Bonnie and Clyde in the 1930's. The construction of Interstate 80 on the south part of town allowed for easier commuting and more employment opportunities for the residents of Stuart. This development has been a valuable asset to the preservation and continual growth of Stuart and the surrounding areas.

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