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Clinch County, Georgia

The Clinch County Courthouse is located at 25 Court Square, Homerville, GA 31634; phone: 912-487-2667.


Beginnings [1]

The first permanent white settlers in what is now Clinch County were Josiah Sirmans, Sr., and his family, including his sons, Benjamin, Joseph, Jonathan and Abner Sirmans; also Moses, John and William Tomlinson, three brothers, and David Johnson, afterwards of Indian war fame. These came here in 1822 and settled near the Allapaha River in Irwin (now Clinch) County.

Josiak Sirmans and his family came from Emanuel County. The early pioneer was born in 1767, and was married to Miss Artie Hardeman, a daughter of Thomas Hardeman, Sr. By this marriage he became an uncle of the three Tomlinsons named above whose mother was a sister of Mrs. Sirmans. He settled in what was later called Mud Creek district, and lived there until his death in 1830. His sons became prominent citizens of the county, except Jonathan, who settled in what is now Berrien County.

The County of Clinch was named in honor of General Duncan L. Clinch, who had just died at his home in Macon about the time the new county was formed. Clinch distinguished himself as a soldier in the War of 1812, and in the Indian Wars of Florida during 1836-1838. In 1847 he was a strong candidate for governor, but was defeated by George W. Towns. Towns was in office and signed the bill creating Clinch County named in honor of his former opponent. The later creation of Coffee and Echols Counties reduced the original size of Clinch.

Among the new settlers who moved into the county following its creation were John L. Morgan, Tarlton McMillan and Thomas G. Ramsey. Judge Morgan removed from Lowndes County and settled at Magnolia about 1853. Mr. McMillan came here that same year.

The O'Quins also settled here about that time. Two brothers, David and "HD" became quite prominent in county affairs.

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