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Clermont City

Lake County, Florida

Clermont City Hall is located at 685 West Montrose Street, Clermont, FL 34711.
Phone: 352‑241‑7358.


Clermont lies 22 miles west of Orlando. It was founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1916.

Clermont as described in 1939 [1]

Clermont, with wide shady streets, is set among the steep rolling hills that encircle Lake Minneola. It was named for Clermont, France, the birthplace of A.F. Wrotnoski, one of its founders. From diatomite mined nearby, a local plant manufactures moisture-proof tops for salt shakers and cleaning cream. Kehlor Park serves as a community center.

Left from Clermont, to the marshes of Lake Louisa, is where strata of diatomite were discovered in 1917 by Charles Lindly-Wood, agent for the British Admiralty. Diatomite consists of the fossilized skeletons of minute sea animals. An effective insulating material against heat, cold, and sound, it is used in the manufacture of rubber, explosives, fireproof felt, glass, porcelain, safety matches, calico, dental cream, and other articles. Diatomite sells at $250 a ton.

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