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Neighborhood Street Names – U

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Links to Street Names appearing in two or more different Living Places neighborhoods and/or historic districts.

# of

Street Name
1U Street
1Uconn Drive
1Uffizi Court
1Uhlen Place
2Uhlerstown Road
1Uintah Circle
1Uintah Street East
1Ulit Avenue
1Ullyot Court
1Ullyot Drive
1Ulmer Avenue
1Ulrich Street
1Ulster Circle
1Ulster Court
1Ulster Lane
1Ulster Place
1Ulster Terrace
1Ulster Way
1Ulverston Drive
2Ulysses Street NE
1Umber Road
1Umbleby Place
1Umbra Heights
1Umpqua Lane
1Umpqua Lane NE
1Umstead Drive
2Una Avenue South
2Unami Trail
1Unbridle Lane
1Unbridled Lane
1Uncas Street
1Under Mountain Road
1Undercliff Avenue
1Underhill Lane
1Underhill Road
1Underhill Street
2Underwood Court
1Underwood Road
1Undine Circle
1Undine Street
1Unetta Street
1Unicorn Lane
1Uniman Place
1Union Street North
2Union Alley
6Union Avenue
3Union Avenue NE
1Union Avenue North
1Union Avenue SE
1Union Avenue West
1Union Church Road
2Union Circle
3Union Court
2Union Drive
1Union Hill Road
1Union Hills Drive East
1Union Meeting Road
1Union Mill Court
1Union Mill Terrace
1Union Mills Road
1Union Park
1Union Park Street
1Union School Way
1Union Station Road
54Union Street
4Union Street East
9Union Street North
11Union Street South
4Union Street West
1Union Village Road
1Union Way
2Unionville Road
1Unionville-Feura Bush Road
1United Street
1Unity Drive
2Unity Street
1Unity Turn
1Unity Way
9University Avenue
1University Avenue East
1University Avenue NE
4University Boulevard
1University Boulevard South
1University Boulevard West
2University Court
7University Drive
1University Drive South
1University Drive West
1University Parkway East
1University Parkway West
4University Place
1University Road
4University Street
1Unquowa Hill Street
1Unsworth Street
1Uphill Avenue
1Uphill Road
1Uplad Way
2Upland Avenue
3Upland Court
1Upland Crossing
3Upland Drive
8Upland Road
1Upland Street
1Upland Trace
1Upland View Court
3Upland Way
1Uplands Creek Drive
1Upmanor Road
1Upper Bay Road
1Upper Bear Lane
1Upper Byrdcliffe Road
1Upper Byrdcliffe Way
3Upper Church Road
1Upper Claire Pass
1Upper Drive North
1Upper Ferry Road West
4Upper Gulph Road
1Upper Hilltop Road
2Upper Hines Creek Road
1Upper Jaffrey Road
1Upper Main Street
1Upper Market Street
1Upper Mill Way
1Upper Mountain Avenue
2Upper Mountain Road
1Upper Orchard Drive
1Upper Orchard Pass
1Upper Orchard Way
1Upper Park Road
2Upper Ridge Road
1Upper River Road
1Upper Road
1Upper School Street
1Upper Sky Way
1Upper St Dennis Road
1Upper Street South
2Upper Valley Road
1Upper Way Road
5Upper York Road
1Upsal Road
1Upset Court
1UpShur Street NW
1Upson Circle
2Upton Avenue South
1Upton Court
1Upton Lane
1Upton Road
1Upton Street
3Upton Way
1Uranus Road
2Urban Street
1Urbana Avenue South
1Urf Road
1Ursinia Court
1Ursinus Court
1Ursinus Road
1Ursula Place
2Ursula Street
1Ursulas Way
1US Highway 10
1uS Highway 9
1Usher Lane
2Ushers Road
1Utah Avenue East
1Utah Avenue West
1Utah Drive
3Utah Street
1Utah Trail
3Utica Avenue South
1Utica Road
2Utica Street
1Utley Circle
1Utter Street
1Uvada Street
1Uvalde Street
2Uxbridge Drive
1Uxbridge Place
1Uxbridge Way

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