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Neighborhood Street Names – 3

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Links to Street Names appearing in two or more different Living Places neighborhoods and/or historic districts.

# of

Street Name
13 Rod Way
1300 S West
130th Alley
130th Avenue East
230th Avenue NE
130th Avenue North
130th Avenue SE
130th Avenue South
130th Avenue West
230th Place East
130th Place South
130th Place West
330th Street
130th Street East
130th Street NE
630th Street North
730th Street NW
130th Street SE
230th Street South
330th Street West
131st Alley
131st Avenue East
131st Avenue NE
131st Avenue North
231st Avenue South
131st Avenue West
131st Lane East
131st Lane West
131st Street
431st Street East
731st Street North
431st Street NW
331st Street South
431st Street West
132nd Alley
132nd Avenue NE
132nd Avenue NW
232nd Avenue West
132nd Street
432nd Street East
132nd Street NE
732nd Street North
332nd Street NW
332nd Street South
332nd Street West
232nd thru 39th St North
133nd Street East
133rd Alley
133rd Avenue East
133rd Place North
133rd Place NW
133rd Street
433rd Street East
433rd Street North
333rd Street NW
333rd Street South
333rd Street West
134th Avenue NE
234th Avenue North
134th Lane East
134th Place NW
234th Street
534th Street East
534th Street North
434th Street NW
134th Street South
334th Street West
135th Avenue East
135th Avenue NE
135th Avenue North
135th Avenue West
135th Drive South
135th Lane East
235th Place East
135th Street
735th Street East
135th Street NE
435th Street North
535th Street NW
135th Street South
235th Street West
136th Avenue Court
136th Avenue East
136th Avenue NE
136th Avenue North
136th Avenue West
736th Street East
136th Street NE
436th Street North
536th Street NW
136th Street South
136th Street West
136th Terrace NW
137th Avenue East
137th Avenue North
137th Avenue West
137th Drive South
137th Lane East
137th Lane South
137th Place West
137th Street
737th Street East
337th Street North
237th Street NW
137th Street South
337th Street West
137th Terrace NW
138th Avenue East
138th Avenue North
138th Drive South
138th Place East
138th Place West
338th Street
838th Street East
338th Street North
338th Street NW
138th Street South
438th Street West
139th Avenue East
139th Avenue North
139th Place
139th Place North
239th Street
639th Street East
139th Street Ensley
139th Street North
239th Street NW
139th Street South
439th Street West
13rd Alley
13rd Alley West
263rd Avenue
13rd Avenue Drive SE
13rd Avenue NE
63rd Avenue North
33rd Avenue NW
23rd Avenue SE
73rd Avenue South
13rd Avenue SW
83rd Avenue West
13rd Baxter Street
13rd East Street
13rd Place
13rd Place West
523rd Street
173rd Street East
33rd Street NE
163rd Street North
23rd Street NW
43rd Street SE
113rd Street South
53rd Street SW
313rd Street West
13rd Terrace SW
13th Street North

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