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Neighborhoods in
Dorchester County South Carolina

Alexander ParkSummerville Town  
Arbor OaksSummerville Town29483
Arbor WalkSummerville Town29485
Arcady WoodsSummerville Town  
Ashborough EastSummerville Town  
AshboroughSummerville Town29485
Ashley ForestSummerville Town29485
Ashley PlantationSummerville Town29486
Ashley River LandingSummerville Town  
AshwoodSummerville Town  
Autumn CreekSummerville Town29486
Azalea EstatesSummerville Town  
Barony RidgeSummerville Town  
Bayview AcresSt George Town  
Bellcrest EstatesSt George Town  
BelmontSummerville Town  
Berkeley CommonsSummerville Town  
Blackberry CreekSummerville Town  
Boyle PlantationSummerville Town  
Bradford ChaseSummerville Town  
Branch CreekSummerville Town29483
BrandymillSummerville Town  
BriarwoodSummerville Town  
Bridges of SummervilleSummerville Town29845
Bridlewood FarmsRidgeville Town  
Brookfield SquareSummerville Town  
BrookwoodSummerville Town  
Browning EstatesSummerville Town  
Bryant AcresSt George Town  
BuckshireSummerville Town  
Butternut RidgeSummerville Town  
Caire YelleauSummerville Town  
Cane Bay PlantationSummerville Town  
Carillon at the PondsSummerville Town  
Carillon at TuscanyMyrtle Beach City  
Carolina Bay EastRidgeville Town  
Carolina BayRidgeville Town  
Carriage HillSummerville Town  
Carriage LaneSummerville Town  
Carrington ChaseSummerville Town  
Cedar SpringsSummerville Town  
Central CommonsSummerville Town  
Central OaksSummerville Town  
ChalledonSummerville Town  
Charleston ChaseSummerville Town  
Clemson TerraceSummerville Town  
Colleton WoodsRidgeville Town  
Coosaw CommonsSummerville Town  
Corey GardensSummerville Town  
Corey PointSummerville Town  
Corey WoodsSummerville Town  
Cottages of GahaganSummerville Town  
CottagevilleRidgeville Town  
Country Club EstatesSt George Town  
Country Club EstatesSummerville Town  
CountrysideSummerville Town  
CrestwoodSummerville Town  
Cypress HillRidgeville Town  
Cypress Point PlantationSummerville Town  
Cypress PointSummerville Town  
Del Webb CharlestonSummerville Town  
Dorchester EstatesSummerville Town  
Dubard AcresSummerville Town  
Dunmeyer HillSummerville Town  
Eagle HarborSummerville Town  
Eagle RunSummerville Town  
East HighlandSummerville Town  
Edisto River EstatesRidgeville Town  
Elm VillageSummerville Town  
EvergreenSummerville Town  
Fairway VillasSummerville Town  
Felder CreekSummerville Town  
FieldviewSummerville Town29485
Fish RoadRidgeville Town  
Flowertown VillageSummerville Town  
FlowertownSummerville Town  
Forest AcresSummerville Town  
Gadsden AcresSummerville Town  
Gadsden ManorSummerville Town  
Gahagan EastSummerville Town  
Gahagan PlantationSummerville Town  
GahaganSummerville Town  
Garden HillSummerville Town  
Gavin EstatesSt George Town  
Glynn AcresSummerville Town  
Greenfield EstatesSummerville Town  
GreenhurstSummerville Town  
Greenwood RanchesSummerville Town  
GroverSt George Town  
Guilford GatesSummerville Town  
Gum Branch FarmsSt George Town  
Hidden AcresSummerville Town  
Hidden HillsSummerville Town  
Hidden PalmsSummerville Town  
High Meadow FarmsSummerville Town  
Highwoods PlantationSummerville Town  
Hunters CreekSummerville Town  
Huntington FarmsSummerville Town  
JellicoRidgeville Town  
Kensington ParkSummerville Town  
Kings GrantSummerville Town  
KnightsvilleSummerville Town  
Lakes of SummervilleSummerville Town  
Lakeview AcresRidgeville Town  
Laurel HillSummerville Town  
LebanonRidgeville Town  
Legend Oaks PlantationSummerville Town  
Legend OaksSummerville Town  
LimehouseSummerville Town  
LincolnvilleSummerville Town  
Live Oak VillageSummerville Town  
Macintosh EstatesSt George Town  
Madison RidgeSummerville Town  
Marlin EstatesSummerville Town  
Marrington Villas at CobblestoneSummerville Town  
Marsengill PlaceSummerville Town  
Marshall AcresSummerville Town  
Mateeba EstatesSummerville Town  
Mateeba GardensSummerville Town  
MateebaSummerville Town  
Meadow RunSummerville Town  
MeadowbrookSummerville Town  
Midland TerraceSummerville Town  
Miler Country ClubSummerville Town  
MillwoodSummerville Town  
Moodys PlantationSummerville Town  
Moss HavenSummerville Town  
MosswoodSummerville Town  
Myers MillSummerville Town  
New Hope EstatesSummerville Town  
New HopeSummerville Town  
Newington PlantationSummerville Town  
Oak KnollSummerville Town  
Oak Ridge EstatesSummerville Town  
Oakbrook CommonsSummerville Town  
OakdaleSummerville Town  
OakmontSummerville Town  
Oakridge EstatesSummerville Town  
OkateeSummerville Town  
Orchard HillSummerville Town  
OwensSummerville Town  
Palmetto ParkSummerville Town  
Palmetto RowSummerville Town  
Paradise LakesSummerville Town  
Park HillSummerville Town  
Pecan GroveSummerville Town  
Pine ForestSummerville Town  
Pine Hill AcresSummerville Town  
Pine HillSummerville Town  
Pines at GahaganSummerville Town  
Plum CreekSummerville Town  
Providence PlaceSummerville Town  
Quail ArborSummerville Town  
Ridgeville AcresRidgeville Town  
RidgevilleSummerville Town  
RileySummerville Town  
River BirchSummerville Town  
RobynwynSummerville Town  
Rose HillSummerville Town  
Salisbury AcresSummerville Town  
SandpiperSummerville Town  
SandridgeRidgeville Town  
Sandy Grove EstatesRidgeville Town  
SangareeSummerville Town  
Scotch RangeSummerville Town  
Scotts MillSummerville Town  
Senrab FarmsSummerville Town  
Shadow BrookSummerville Town  
Sheep IslandSummerville Town  
Shepard ParkSummerville Town  
Shepard PlaceSummerville Town  
Simmons GroveSummerville Town  
Simmons TerraceSummerville Town  
Smith CreekSummerville Town  
South PointeSummerville Town  
Southern MagnoliasSummerville Town  
Southern OrchardRidgeville Town  
Spring HouseSummerville Town  
SprucewoodSummerville Town  
St. George Country ClubSt George Town  
St. GeorgeSt George Town  
Stone GateSummerville Town  
Summer GlenSummerville Town  
Summer Place at Rogers CoveSummerville Town  
Summer RidgeSummerville Town  
Summer TraceSummerville Town  
Summer WoodSummerville Town  
SummerparkSummerville Town  
Summerset AcresSummerville Town  
Summerville Country EstatesSummerville Town  
Summerville CrossingSummerville Town  
Summerville EstatesSummerville Town  
Summerville FarmsSummerville Town  
Summerville on the AshleySummerville Town  
Summerville PlaceSummerville Town  
SummerwoodSummerville Town  
Sunburst LakesSummerville Town  
SunnyfieldSummerville Town  
Sylvan AcresSummerville Town  
Tea FarmSummerville Town  
Teal on the AshleySummerville Town  
The Arbor at Planters VillageSummerville Town  
The Bluffs at Ashley RiverSummerville Town  
The Farm at WescottSummerville Town  
The Glen at SummersetSummerville Town  
The PondsSummerville Town  
The SummitSummerville Town  
Three Sisters PlantationRidgeville Town  
TimberlandsSummerville Town  
TramwaySummerville Town  
Trotters RidgeSummerville Town  
Twin LakesSummerville Town  
Twin OaksSummerville Town  
Victoria PointeSummerville Town  
Walden RidgeSummerville Town  
Walnut FarmsSummerville Town  
Waring HallSummerville Town  
WaringtonSummerville Town  
Waterside LandingSummerville Town  
WeatherstoneSummerville Town  
Wentworth HallSummerville Town  
Wescott GlenSummerville Town  
Wescott PlantationSummerville Town  
West Highland AcresSummerville Town  
West Side HeightsSummerville Town  
White ChurchSummerville Town  
White GablesSummerville Town  
Wilmore AcresSummerville Town  
WinterseatRidgeville Town  
Woodland EstatesSummerville Town  
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