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Neighborhoods in
DeSoto County Mississippi

Chamberlin OaksHernando City38632
Fountain GateHernando City38632
Foxwood PlantationHernando City38632
Hernando Commerce Street Historic DistrictHernando City38632
Hernando Courthouse Square Historic DistrictHernando City38632
Hernando North Side Historic DistrictHernando City38632
Hernando South Side Historic DistrictHernando City38632
Lakes of Cedar GroveHernando City38632
Morning ViewHernando City38632
Notting HillHernando City38632
Saint IvesHernando City38632
Alexanders RidgeOlive Branch City38654
BraybourneOlive Branch City38654
Cedar CrestOlive Branch City38654
Center Hill DownsOlive Branch City38654
Devon ParkOlive Branch City38654
Fleur De LisOlive Branch City38654
Fox CreekOlive Branch City38654
Fox HuntOlive Branch City38654
Robinson CrossingOlive Branch City38654
Ansley ParkSouthaven City38672
Benndale FarmsSouthaven City38671
Carriage Hills EstatesSouthaven City38671
Dustin PlaceSouthaven City38671
Highlands of North CreekSouthaven City38671
North CreekSouthaven City38671
Nottingham EstatesSouthaven City38671
Rasco FarmsSouthaven City38671
Rasco HillsSouthaven City38671
Rutland PointeSouthaven City38672
Snowden GroveSouthaven City38672
StonecreekSouthaven City38671
Acorn WoodsOlive Branch City38654
Alden StationHorn Lake City  
Alexanders CrossingOlive Branch City38654
Allen FarmsHernando City  
AllendaleOlive Branch City38654
Apple Creek MeadowsHorn Lake City  
Apple Creek NorthHorn Lake City  
Apple CreekHorn Lake City  
Arbor LakesHorn Lake City  
Arbors of WedgewoodOlive Branch City38654
Arlington ParkWalls Town  
Asbury PlaceOlive Branch City38654
Ashland MeadowsOlive Branch City  
Ashton PlaceHorn Lake City  
Autumn PointOlive Branch City38654
Autumn RidgeWalls Town  
Bailey StationHorn Lake City  
Bakers RidgeLake Cormorant  
Ballantrae GardensWalls Town  
Barton RidgeOlive Branch City38654
Bell RidgeOlive Branch City38654
Belle MeadeHorn Lake City  
Belle PointeSouthaven City  
Belmont EstatesHernando City  
Belmor LakesOlive Branch City38654
Bethel ParkOlive Branch City  
BirdsongOlive Branch City  
Blue Lake SpringsLake Cormorant  
Bonne TerreNesbit  
Brentway EstatesHernando City38632
Brentwood FarmsSouthaven City  
BrierfieldSouthaven City  
Bright HeightsHernando City  
BrookhollowSouthaven City  
Browning PreserveOlive Branch City  
Buena Vista LakesHernando City  
Calloway CoveHernando City  
Canterbury GlennSouthaven City  
Cardiff GardensSouthaven City  
Carters PlantationOlive Branch City38654
Castle RidgeSouthaven City  
Cedarview EstatesOlive Branch City  
Centerhill CrossingOlive Branch City  
Chateau PointeSouthaven City  
Chateau RidgeOlive Branch City38654
Chelsea EstatesOlive Branch City  
Cherokee MeadowsOlive Branch City  
Cherokee RidgeOlive Branch City38654
Cherokee TrailsOlive Branch City38654
Cherokee ValleyOlive Branch City  
Cherry TreeSouthaven City  
Chickasaw HeightsOlive Branch City38654
Chickasaw HillsOlive Branch City  
ChickasawHernando City  
Church Road EstatesHorn Lake City  
ChurchwoodHorn Lake City  
Cleveland HillsHernando City  
Clifton CourtHernando City  
College CrossingOlive Branch City  
College GroveOlive Branch City  
College ParkOlive Branch City  
Colonial AcresWalls Town  
Colonial HillsSouthaven City  
Confederate RidgeLake Cormorant  
Coral MeadowsSouthaven City  
Country HollowOlive Branch City  
Country Oaks EstatesSouthaven City  
Country VillageOlive Branch City  
Creekside EstatesOlive Branch City38654
CreeksideHernando City  
CreekwoodSouthaven City  
Cross CreekHernando City  
Crown EstatesHernando City  
Crumpler PlaceOlive Branch City  
Crutcher HeightsHorn Lake City  
Cypress Creek PlantationOlive Branch City38654
Davidson EstatesOlive Branch City  
Dawkins FarmOlive Branch City38654
Dean HeightsNesbit  
Deer ChaseSouthaven City  
Deer CreekHernando City  
Delta BluffsWalls Town  
Delta CrestHernando City  
Delta RidgeHernando City  
Desoto FarmsOlive Branch City  
Desoto HeightsOlive Branch City  
DeSoto VillageHorn Lake City  
Dixie AcresHernando City  
Dogwood HollowHernando City  
Dogwood HollowNesbit  
Dogwood ManorOlive Branch City  
Dove MeadowSouthaven City  
Dove Ridge EstatesOlive Branch City38654
EdenshireHorn Lake City  
EdgewaterHernando City  
Edgewood EstatesHernando City  
EdinboroughWalls Town  
ElmoreSouthaven City  
Emerald EstatesHernando City  
Emery HillsNesbit  
EncoreWalls Town  
Estates of Davis GroveOlive Branch City38654
Estates of Delta BluffsWalls Town  
Estates of Southern TrailsOlive Branch City38654
Evening ShadeOlive Branch City38654
EvergreenWalls Town  
Fair OaksOlive Branch City38654
Fairfield MeadowsHorn Lake City  
Fairway GroveHernando City  
Fairway OaksHernando City  
Fairway PointeHernando City  
Fairway WoodsHernando City  
Five Thousand OaksWalls Town  
Flicker RidgeLake Cormorant  
Flowering MeadowsLake Cormorant  
Forest HillOlive Branch City38654
Forest LandingSouthaven City  
Forest MeadowsHernando City  
Fox GlenHernando City  
Fox HollowHernando City  
Gardens at Snowden GroveSouthaven City  
Gardens of GreenbrookSouthaven City  
Gardens of Plantation LakesOlive Branch City  
Gardens of Plum PointSouthaven City  
Gartrell AcresWalls Town  
Germanwood EstatesOlive Branch City  
Germanwood PlantationOlive Branch City38654
Germanwood StationOlive Branch City38654
Gill EstatesSouthaven City  
Golden OaksSouthaven City  
Goodman OaksOlive Branch City38654
GoodwinWalls Town  
Grandview Lake EstatesWalls Town  
Grassy PondHernando City  
Greenbriar LakesSouthaven City  
GreenbrookSouthaven City  
Grove MeadowsSouthaven City  
Grove MeadowsNesbit  
Gwin FarmsOlive Branch City  
Haileys HillsNesbit  
Hallum EstatesWalls Town  
Hamilton PlaceOlive Branch City  
Haraway GardensOlive Branch City38654
HarwoodWalls Town  
Henrys PlantationOlive Branch City  
Herbert AcreeOlive Branch City38654
Heritage ColonyWalls Town  
Heritage CommonsSouthaven City  
Heritage HillsSouthaven City  
Heritage OaksHernando City  
Hernando EstatesHernando City  
Hernando HillsHernando City  
Hernando Historic DistrictHernando City  
Hernando PointeHernando City  
Hickory Forest EstatesWalls Town  
Hidden HillsHernando City  
Hidden ViewNesbit  
High Point TerraceWalls Town  
Highland GroveSouthaven City  
HillsviewWalls Town  
Holiday HillsOlive Branch City38654
Holly GroveHorn Lake City  
Holly HillsHorn Lake City  
Honey RidgeHernando City  
Hunters CreekOlive Branch City  
Hunters HollowOlive Branch City  
Hunters RidgeOlive Branch City38654
Hunters RunOlive Branch City38654
HuntleighOlive Branch City38654
Ivy ManorHernando City  
Ivy TrailsOlive Branch City38654
Jefferies HillsHorn Lake City  
John AnthonyLake Cormorant  
Johns WoodsOlive Branch City38654
Jordan MeadowsSouthaven City  
Kaitlyn RidgeWalls Town  
KentwoodHorn Lake City  
KerrwoodOlive Branch City  
Kings Mill at WindykeWalls Town  
Kings View LakesHorn Lake City  
Kingston EstatesHorn Lake City  
Kingston WestHorn Lake City  
Kyles CreekOlive Branch City38654
Lake ForestWalls Town  
Lakeside VillageLake Cormorant  
Lakewood EstatesNesbit  
Lauderdale EstatesSouthaven City  
LaurelbrookOlive Branch City  
LaurelwoodHernando City  
LaurelwoodHorn Lake City  
Leanin TreesNesbit  
Lees CrossingOlive Branch City38654
Lyons GateOlive Branch City  
Magnolia CommonsHernando City  
Magnolia EstatesOlive Branch City38654
Magnolia GardensOlive Branch City  
Magnolia GlennSouthaven City  
Magnolia LakesOlive Branch City38654
Magnolia ManorHernando City  
Magnolia TraceOlive Branch City  
Magnolia WoodsOlive Branch City  
Mahan AcresSouthaven City  
Mallard CreekHorn Lake City  
Mallard ParkWalls Town  
Mallory WoodsOlive Branch City  
MaplebrookOlive Branch City38654
Marshall FarmsLake Cormorant  
MaywoodOlive Branch City  
McGalesOlive Branch City  
Miller FarmsOlive Branch City38654
Miller StationOlive Branch City38654
Misty MeadowsLake Cormorant  
Misty OaksNesbit  
Mitchellls CornerOlive Branch City38654
MontroseOlive Branch City38654
MontroseOlive Branch City  
Morrow CrestHernando City  
Mount Pleasant HeightsHernando City  
Murray HillsOlive Branch City  
Nelson EstatesSouthaven City  
Nesbit EstatesNesbit  
NewberrySouthaven City  
Nicole PlaceHorn Lake City  
Nikki LakesNesbit  
Northwood HillsHernando City  
Oak Cliff ParkWalls Town  
Oak Grove ManorHernando City  
Oak GroveOlive Branch City  
Oak Hill EstatesHernando City  
Oak RidgeOlive Branch City  
Oak Tree CommonsHernando City  
OaklawnHernando City  
Oakwood EstatesOlive Branch City  
Ole MeadowSouthaven City  
Olive RidgeOlive Branch City  
Olivers GlennSouthaven City  
Parklawn HeightsOlive Branch City  
Pecan EstatesHernando City  
Pecan GroveSouthaven City  
Pecan RidgeOlive Branch City  
Perkins SouthWalls Town  
Pin Oak AcresHorn Lake City  
PinehurstSouthaven City  
Plantation LakesOlive Branch City  
Plantation OaksOlive Branch City  
Pleasant GroveOlive Branch City  
Pleasant Hill EstatesOlive Branch City  
Pleasant Ridge EstatesOlive Branch City  
Plum PointSouthaven City  
Poplar ForestWalls Town  
Primrose EstatesWalls Town  
Ranch MeadowsWalls Town  
RavenwoodHorn Lake City  
Red OaksHorn Lake City  
Richmond Woods EstatesHernando City  
RidgeviewOlive Branch City  
Ridgeway EstatesWalls Town  
River Grove EstatesWalls Town  
River OaksHorn Lake City  
Robinson CrossingSouthaven City  
Rolling Oaks EstatesSouthaven City  
RoseburySouthaven City  
Ross Pointe FarmsSouthaven City  
Saddlebrook FarmsOlive Branch City  
SaddlebrookHernando City  
Saulsberry CreekNesbit  
Sawyers GlenSouthaven City  
Scott FarmsHorn Lake City  
Shadow OaksOlive Branch City  
Shadow OaksHorn Lake City  
Shelburne EstatesSouthaven City  
Shelby WoodlandsWalls Town  
Sherwood ForestWalls Town  
Shetland GardenSouthaven City  
Short Fork FarmsHernando City  
Smith TraceOlive Branch City  
Snowden FarmsSouthaven City  
SomersetHorn Lake City  
South Desoto EstatesHernando City  
South Manor EstatesOlive Branch City  
Southampton VillageSouthaven City  
Southampton VillageWalls Town  
SouthbranchOlive Branch City  
SouthcreekOlive Branch City  
Southern ManorLake Cormorant  
Southern PinesSouthaven City  
Southern TraceSouthaven City  
SouthridgeOlive Branch City  
Spring Place EstatesOlive Branch City  
Spring ValleyOlive Branch City  
Squire ManorOlive Branch City  
St Elmo VillageWalls Town  
Stewart EstatesOlive Branch City  
StonehedgeSouthaven City  
Summers HillOlive Branch City  
Summers PlaceOlive Branch City  
Summerset ViewOlive Branch City  
SummerwoodSouthaven City  
Sunny GroveHernando City  
Sunset FarmsHernando City  
Swinnea LakesSouthaven City  
Swinnea RidgeSouthaven City  
The BramblesSouthaven City  
The Park at Pigeon RoostOlive Branch City  
The Reserve at Cherokee ValleyOlive Branch City  
The Shores of MaywoodOlive Branch City  
Tucker RidgeWalls Town  
Twin LakesHorn Lake City  
Vaiden RidgeHernando City  
Valley Oaks EstatesOlive Branch City  
Village SquareOlive Branch City  
Villages of CedarviewOlive Branch City  
Villages of Grove ParkHernando City  
Virginias PointOlive Branch City  
Walnut Grove EstatesWalls Town  
Walters ManorHernando City  
Weatherby PlaceHernando City  
Wedgewood FarmsOlive Branch City  
Wellington SquareHorn Lake City  
Wesson HeightsOlive Branch City  
Whispering PinesOlive Branch City  
Whitehaven VillageSouthaven City  
WildwoodSouthaven City  
Williamsburg VillageSouthaven City  
Willows of Horn LakeHorn Lake City  
Wilson MillLake Cormorant  
Winchester WoodlandsWalls Town  
WindcrestOlive Branch City  
Windsor CreekHorn Lake City  
Windsor TraceSouthaven City  
WindstoneOlive Branch City  
Winningham EstatesNesbit  
Woodland EstatesSouthaven City  
WoodshireHorn Lake City  
WorthingtonSouthaven City  
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