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Neighborhoods in
Jackson County Missouri

Allendale EstatesGreenwood City64034
Alexander PlaceIndependence City64056
Bellevista VillageIndependence City64055
Blue MillsIndependence City64056
Crestwood Historic DistrictKansas City64110
Squier Park Historic DistrictKansas City64109
Bayles Addition Historic DistrictLees Summit City64063
Fields of Highland ParkLees Summit City64063
Legacy WoodLees Summit City64086
Southeast Third Street Residential Historic DistrictLees Summit City64063
Oak Ridge TimbersOak Grove City64075
Oaks of EdgewoodOak Grove City64075
White Oaks CrossingOak Grove City64075
18th and Vine Historic DistrictKansas City  
29th Street Colonnaded Apartments Historic DistrictKansas City  
Abar AdditionGrain Valley City  
Abston PlaceIndependence City  
Adams Dairy EstatesBlue Springs City  
Adams Pointe VillageGrain Valley City  
AegisKansas City  
Akanas ParkRaytown City  
AlianzasKansas City  
Allendale Lake MeadowsGreenwood City  
AllendaleLees Summit City  
Allens DellIndependence City  
Allin FarmIndependence City  
Ambassador Hotel Historic DistrictKansas City  
Amber HillsLees Summit City64086
Amber LakesKansas City  
Amber MeadowsKansas City  
AmherstKansas City  
Andrews AcresGrandview City  
ApexIndependence City  
Apple ParkGrain Valley City  
Apple ValleyBlue Springs City  
ApplegateBlue Springs City  
ArborwalkLees Summit City  
Arlington GroveIndependence City  
Arlington HeightsIndependence City  
Arlington ParkLees Summit City  
Armour FieldsKansas City  
Armour HillsKansas City  
Arrow RockIndependence City  
Asbury ParkLees Summit City  
Ash GroveLees Summit City  
Astor PlaceKansas City  
Autumn ChaseBlue Springs City  
Autumn RidgeKansas City64154
Avalon ViewKansas City  
Bainbridge ApartmentsKansas City  
Bakers AdditionBuckner City  
Ballew PlaceIndependence City  
Banner Grove EstatesLees Summit City  
Banner ViewLees Summit City  
Bannister AcresKansas City  
Barclay PlaceKansas City  
Barrington RidgeKansas City  
Barry HarborKansas City  
Barry Park at Coves NorthKansas City  
Barrybrooke VillageKansas City  
Battlefield EstatesLone Jack City  
Battleflood HeightsKansas City  
BayberryLees Summit City  
Baynes MeadowOak Grove City  
Beacon HeightsIndependence City  
Beacon Hill-McFedersKansas City  
Beck AcresGrain Valley City  
Bella Vista HeightsKansas City  
Belle AcresKansas City  
Belleview EstatesGrandview City  
Bellevista CondominiumsIndependence City  
Bellevista HeightsIndependence City  
Belmont FarmsLees Summit City  
Belvidere EstatesGrandview City  
Belvidere HeightsGrandview City  
Bennington ParkGrandview City  
Bennington PlaceGrandview City  
Bent Tree BluffLees Summit City  
Berkshire EstatesGrain Valley City  
Beverly HillsIndependence City  
Beverly ManorKansas City  
Beverly VillageLees Summit City  
Birchwood HillsKansas City  
Blackwell ValleyLees Summit City  
Blue and Gray EstatesLone Jack City  
Blue BranchGrain Valley City  
Blue CrestRaytown City64133
Blue Dawn EstatesIndependence City  
Blue Dawn ManorIndependence City  
Blue Hills EstatesKansas City64145
Blue LawnIndependence City  
Blue MeadowGrain Valley City  
Blue Ridge GardensIndependence City  
Blue Ridge Glade EstatesRaytown City  
Blue Ridge HeightsRaytown City  
Blue Ridge Ranch EstatesRaytown City64138
Blue Ridge VillasRaytown City  
Blue Skyline AcresIndependence City  
Blue Springs ManorBlue Springs City  
Blue ValleyKansas City  
Blue Vue HillsIndependence City  
Blue VueRaytown City64133
Bordner EstatesLees Summit City  
Braeside ParkLees Summit City  
Breckenridge EstatesLees Summit City  
Breezy MeadowsLone Jack City  
Briarcliff HillsKansas City  
Briarcliff WestKansas City  
BriarcroftLees Summit City  
Briarwood Oak EstatesBlue Springs City  
BriarwoodIndependence City  
BridgepointeKansas City  
BridgeportLees Summit City  
Bridgers VillageIndependence City  
BridlespurKansas City  
BridlewoodLees Summit City  
BrigadoonGrain Valley City  
Brighton WoodsKansas City  
Bristol ParkKansas City  
BristolIndependence City  
Brittany HillsBlue Springs City  
Brittany OaksKansas City  
Brittany OaksKansas City  
Brittany PlaceBlue Springs City  
Brittany Ridge EstatesBlue Springs City  
Broad AcresIndependence City  
Brookridge EstatesLees Summit City  
Brooks FarmLees Summit City  
BrookshireBlue Springs City  
Brookside ParkKansas City  
Brookside ParkIndependence City  
BrooksideKansas City  
Brookwood Independence City  
Brookwood Condo VillageBlue Springs City  
BrookwoodBlue Springs City  
Bryberry EstatesRaytown City64133
Bryn MawrIndependence City  
Buckner HillBuckner City  
Buelar AcresKansas City  
Bundschu PlaceIndependence City  
BurnsworthGrandview City  
Burr Oak EstatesBlue Springs City  
Buschows AdditionIndependence City  
Buschs SubdivisionIndependence City  
Butchers AdditionGrandview City  
Butterfield AdditionLees Summit City  
Byars GardensGrandview City  
Byrams Ford Historic DistrictKansas City  
CalumentKansas City  
CamelotBlue Springs City  
Canterbury EstatesKansas City  
Canterbury TrailsBlue Springs City  
CanterburyLees Summit City  
Cantrells SubdivisionIndependence City  
Cape of the WoodsIndependence City  
Cardinal WoodsBlue Springs City  
Carriage Hill EstatesKansas City  
Carriage HillsIndependence City  
Carriage PointLees Summit City  
Carstensen PlaceIndependence City  
Cassell BrookKansas City  
Castle Rock EstatesLees Summit City  
Castle WoodsIndependence City  
Cedar CreekLees Summit City  
Cedar Hill EstatesGrandview City  
Cedar Lane EstatesLees Summit City  
Cedar OaksIndependence City  
Cedar RidgeKansas City  
CedardaleRaytown City  
Center CityKansas City  
Chapel ParkKansas City  
Chapel ParkIndependence City  
Chapman FarmsLees Summit City  
Chapman FarmsBlue Springs City  
Charleston HarborKansas City  
ChaumiereKansas City  
CheddingtonLees Summit City  
Chelsea ParkKansas City  
Cherokee EstatesBlue Springs City  
Cherry Hill RowKansas City  
Cherry Street Colonnades Historic DistrictKansas City  
Chestnut Hill ApartmentsKansas City  
Chestnut-JaudonKansas City  
Cheyenne EstatesGreenwood City  
Chipman HeightsLees Summit City  
Chouteau EstatesKansas City  
Christie MeadowsGrain Valley City  
Church's Raytown GardensRaytown City64138
Churchill EstatesIndependence City  
CitadelKansas City  
ClaremontIndependence City  
Clark View HeightsGrandview City  
ClaybrookKansas City  
ClaymontKansas City  
Claymonth NorthKansas City  
Clayton MeadowsKansas City  
ClaytonKansas City  
Coachlight SquareKansas City  
Cogan AdditionIndependence City  
Coleman HighlandsKansas City  
College Street AdditionIndependence City  
Collins AdditionIndependence City  
Colonial GardensRaytown City  
Colonial SquareKansas City  
Colson GardensRaytown City64138
Colsons CreekBlue Springs City  
Columbus ParkKansas City  
Conestoga VillageOak Grove City  
Cooley HighlandsKansas City  
Country AcresLees Summit City  
Country Aire EstateKansas City  
Country Aire MeadowsGreenwood City  
Country Club AcresIndependence City  
Country Club EstatesBlue Springs City  
Country Club GardensBlue Springs City  
Country Club ManorBlue Springs City  
Country ClubKansas City  
Country GlenLees Summit City  
Country LaneKansas City  
Country Meadows EstatesLees Summit City  
Country MeadowsIndependence City  
Country SideKansas City  
Country SpringsBlue Springs City  
Country Summit EstatesLees Summit City  
Country ValleyKansas City  
Country ViewKansas City  
Country WoodsLees Summit City  
Coventry EstatesIndependence City  
Coventry ParkIndependence City  
Coventry-BaughmanKansas City  
Coves NorthKansas City  
Crackerneck AcresIndependence City  
CraigmontLees Summit City  
Creek Side EstatesBlue Springs City  
CreeksideGrain Valley City  
Crescent MeadowsIndependence City  
CrestviewKansas City  
CrestviewRaytown City  
CrestwoodKansas City  
CrestwoodLees Summit City  
Cross CreekGrain Valley City  
CrossgatesKansas City  
CrossgatesGrandview City  
CrossroadsKansas City  
Crosstrail EstatesGrain Valley City  
Crysler GardensIndependence City  
Crysler MeadowsIndependence City  
Crysler ViewIndependence City  
Crystal AireGrain Valley City  
Crystal View EstatesLees Summit City  
DaLinda EstatesGreenwood City  
Daltons RidgeLees Summit City  
DavidsonKansas City  
Deer Creek EstatesLone Jack City  
Deer RidgeOak Grove City  
Deer RunBlue Springs City  
Deer Valley EstatesLees Summit City  
DeerbrookLees Summit City  
DeerfieldKansas City  
DeGroffKansas City  
DelwoodIndependence City  
Dieckmann GroveIndependence City  
Donovans PlaceBlue Springs City  
Downing HeightsLees Summit City  
DowntownKansas City  
Drumm Farm VillasIndependence City  
DunbarKansas City  
Dundee HillsKansas City  
Eagle CreekLees Summit City  
Eagle RidgeGrain Valley City  
Eagles RestOak Grove City  
Eagles RidgeBlue Springs City  
East 27th Street Colonnades Historic DistrictKansas City  
East Haven AcresLees Summit City  
East HollywoodIndependence City  
East IndependenceIndependence City  
East Lake VillageLees Summit City  
East Park HighlandsKansas City  
East Swope HighlandsKansas City  
Eastman HillsBlue Springs City  
Eastridge MeadowsBlue Springs City  
Eastwood HillsKansas City  
Echo Ridge EstatesBuckner City  
Eden ParkIndependence City  
Edgewood EstatesOak Grove City  
Edgewood ParkIndependence City  
Edgewood VillasOak Grove City  
EdgewoodBlue Springs City  
EichenwaldBlue Springs City  
Elgin ParkLees Summit City  
Ellswood MeadowsIndependence City  
Elm GroveIndependence City  
Emerald ViewLees Summit City  
Englewood HighlandsIndependence City  
Englewood ParkIndependence City  
Englewood ViewIndependence City  
EnglewoodIndependence City  
Erin GlenBlue Springs City  
Estates at Falcon CourtKansas City  
Evans HillKansas City  
Evanston ParkIndependence City  
Fairfield WoodsLees Summit City  
Fairland GroveIndependence City  
Fairland ViewIndependence City  
Fairlane HomesKansas City  
Fairmount HighlandsIndependence City  
FairmountSugar Creek City  
Fairway GardensIndependence City  
Fairway ParkIndependence City  
Falcon Wood EstatesBlue Springs City  
Far View GardensIndependence City  
Far View HeightsIndependence City  
Farmington AcresGrain Valley City  
Farmington MeadowsGrain Valley City  
FearndaleKansas City  
Feland AcresGrandview City  
Feland HeightsGrandview City  
Flanagan FarmIndependence City  
Forbis ParkIndependence City  
Forest OaksIndependence City  
ForestKansas City  
Fountain LakeGrandview City  
Fountains at RaintreeLees Summit City  
Four PillarsGrain Valley City  
Fox HillKansas City  
Fox HollowBlue Springs City  
Fox RidgeIndependence City  
Foxberry EstatesLees Summit City  
FoxcroftKansas City64114
Foxtown EastKansas City  
Foxtown WestKansas City  
FoxwoodKansas City  
FoxwoodLees Summit City  
French ParkIndependence City  
Freymons AdditionKansas City  
FriendlyKansas City  
Fruit AcresBlue Springs City  
Gashland HeightsKansas City  
Gates ParkIndependence City  
Gatewood HillsLees Summit City  
Glen Arbor EstatesKansas City  
Glen LakeKansas City  
Glen RidgeIndependence City  
Glendale GardensIndependence City  
Glendana HeightsLees Summit City  
Glenwood ParkIndependence City  
Golden AcresIndependence City  
Golden FieldsLees Summit City  
Gordanier EstatesLees Summit City  
Gordons AdditionOak Grove City  
Gracemor-RandolphKansas City  
Grafton PlaceIndependence City  
Grandview AcresGrandview City  
Grandview FieldsGrandview City  
Grandview GardensGrandview City  
Grandview HeightsGrandview City  
Grandview Park ManorGrandview City  
Gray Ridge AcresLees Summit City  
GraymontRaytown City  
Green CrestIndependence City  
Green HavenKansas City  
Green HeightsIndependence City  
Green MeadowsKansas City  
Green MeadowsIndependence City  
Green OaksOak Grove City  
GreenbrierKansas City  
Greenfield VillageGrandview City  
GreentopRaytown City  
Greenway FieldsKansas City  
Greenwood EstatesGreenwood City  
Gregory HeightsRaytown City64133
Gregory RidgeKansas City  
Greystone ParkLees Summit City  
Greystone PlaceGrain Valley City  
Griffith PlaceIndependence City  
Griggs AcresIndependence City  
Gudgell ParkIndependence City  
Guinotte ManorKansas City  
Hall ManorIndependence City  
Halliburton PlaceIndependence City  
Halls of Milton EstatesIndependence City  
Hamblin HeightsRaytown City64138
Hamel HeightsLees Summit City  
Hannah HillsLone Jack City  
Hanssen PlaceKansas City  
Hardwick AddIndependence City  
Hardy HeightsIndependence City  
Harrisons MeadowIndependence City  
Harrisons ParkIndependence City  
Harry E Frost EstatesRaytown City64138
Hart EstatesIndependence City  
Hartmans AcresIndependence City  
Harvest HillsIndependence City  
Harvest VillageIndependence City  
Harwood EstatesRaytown City64138
Hasson ParkKansas City  
Hawks RidgeLees Summit City  
Hawthorne PlazaKansas City  
Hearnes AdditionLees Summit City  
Heart of WestportKansas City  
HeathertonRaytown City64138
HeatherwoodBlue Springs City  
HeatherwoodOak Grove City  
Henderson HeightsRaytown City  
Heres WaldoKansas City  
Heritage ParkIndependence City  
Heritage VillageIndependence City  
Hickory HollowKansas City  
Hickory WoodsBlue Springs City  
Hicks Christian HeightsIndependence City  
Hidden LakesKansas City  
Hidden PointeBlue Springs City  
Hidden RidgeBlue Springs City  
Higgins AdditionLees Summit City  
High Ridge ManorKansas City  
Higher GroundIndependence City  
Highgrove EstatesGrandview City  
Highland AcresKansas City  
Highland MeadowsLees Summit City  
Highland MeadowsBlue Springs City  
Highland ParkKansas City  
Highland ParkIndependence City  
Highland RidgeLone Jack City  
HighleahIndependence City  
Highridge ManorKansas City  
HighviewKansas City  
Hill Top AcresRaytown City64138
Hillcrest HeightsKansas City  
Hilltop GardensRaytown City64138
HillwoodLees Summit City  
Hinkley TerraceRaytown City64133
HinsdaleLees Summit City  
Historic HawthorneKansas City  
Hocker HomesteadIndependence City  
Hodge ParkKansas City  
Hodges GardensRaytown City64133
Holiday HillsKansas City  
Holiday HillsIndependence City  
Holmes Garden ApartmentsKansas City  
Holmes ParkKansas City  
Holy Rosary Historic DistrictKansas City  
Hunter GardensGrandview City  
Hunter HillBuckner City  
Hunters DellBlue Springs City  
Hunters Glen at WaterfieldBlue Springs City  
Hunters GlenKansas City  
Hunters HeightsGrandview City  
Hunters RidgeKansas City  
Huntington PlaceKansas City  
Hutchens AdditionOak Grove City  
Hutchins ParkIndependence City  
Hyde Park ApartmentsKansas City  
Hyde Park East Historic DistrictKansas City  
Hyde Park Historic DistrictKansas City  
Hyde Park West Historic DistrictKansas City  
Idlewild ParkIndependence City  
Imperial EstatesIndependence City  
Independence PlazaKansas City  
Indian AcresBuckner City  
Indian CreekLees Summit City  
Indian HeightsKansas City  
Indian HillsRaytown City  
Indian HillsBlue Springs City  
Indian MoundKansas City  
IndianolaKansas City  
Indigo HillsBlue Springs City  
InnisbrookKansas City  
IvanhoeKansas City  
J Morgan MeadowsLees Summit City  
Jackson-NortonKansas City  
Jacob EstatesRaytown City  
Jacomo Ridge EstatesLees Summit City  
Jazz HillKansas City  
Jefferson HighlandsKansas City  
Jefferson VillageBlue Springs City  
Jersey HeightsKansas City  
Johnson AdditionBuckner City  
Johnson AdditionGrain Valley City  
Jones MeadowsIndependence City  
Kensington FarmsLees Summit City  
Kentucky HillsIndependence City  
Kentucky ViewIndependence City  
Kerrington WoodsIndependence City  
Keystone EstatesBlue Springs City  
Kiger AdditionIndependence City  
Kimstin PlaceBlue Springs City  
Kind Rose HillKansas City  
King AdditionSugar Creek City  
KingsridgeBlue Springs City  
Kingston TrailsLees Summit City  
Kinsington PlaceBlue Springs City  
KirksideKansas City  
KirktownKansas City  
Klapmeyer EstatesKansas City  
Knoches ParkKansas City  
Knoll BrookLees Summit City  
Lacy VillageIndependence City  
Lake City GardensIndependence City  
Lake Lees SummitLees Summit City  
Lake Ridge MeadowsLees Summit City  
Lakeridge MeadowsLees Summit City  
Lakeside HeightsKansas City  
Lakeview GardensRaytown City64138
Lakewood EstatesRaytown City  
Lakewood OaksLees Summit City  
Lakewood ShoresLees Summit City  
Lakota RidgeLees Summit City  
Lane MeadowsRaytown City64133, 64138
Lasater AdditionIndependence City  
LasatorsBlue Springs City  
Laurel HeightsRaytown City64133
Laurel SlopesRaytown City  
LawnwoodLees Summit City  
Lea ManorKansas City  
Lea ViewGrandview City  
Leannes PlaceIndependence City  
Lee ManorIndependence City  
Leslie ManorIndependence City  
Lewis AdditionBlue Springs City  
Lewis HeightsKansas City  
Lewis HeightsRaytown City  
Linden Park EstatesKansas City  
Linwood HeightsKansas City  
LochkirkLees Summit City  
Loma VistaKansas City  
Lone Cedar EstatesGreenwood City  
Lone RidgeLone Jack City  
LongfellowKansas City  
Longview FarmLees Summit City  
Loose ParkKansas City  
Louella HeightsKansas City  
Lucas EstatesIndependence City  
Lucas OrchardIndependence City  
LykinsKansas City  
LynndaleIndependence City  
Lyons SquareBuckner City  
Maddox AcresLees Summit City  
ManchesterKansas City  
Maness MeadowsIndependence City  
Manheim ParkKansas City  
Mann HeightsLees Summit City  
Manor OaksIndependence City  
Maple HeightsRaytown City64133
Maple ParkKansas City  
Maple Tree ManorLees Summit City  
Maple Woods EstatesKansas City  
MapleviewGrandview City  
Maplewoods EstatesGreenwood City  
Marks and Garvey Historic DistrictKansas City  
Marlborough EastKansas City  
Marlborough HeightsKansas City  
Marthas VineyardIndependence City  
Martin CityKansas City  
Martin Luther King VillageKansas City  
MayfairKansas City  
MayviewIndependence City  
Maywood ParkIndependence City  
MaywoodIndependence City  
Mc Cormick AdditionSugar Creek City  
McCauleys ParkIndependence City  
McCoy HeightsIndependence City  
Meadow HillsIndependence City  
Meadow LakersKansas City  
Meadow LawnRaytown City  
Meadowbrook EstatesIndependence City  
Meadowbrook HeightsKansas City  
MeadowlarkRaytown City  
Meadowmere EstatesGrandview City  
Meadows of WintersetLees Summit City  
Melody AcresBlue Springs City  
MerrywoodGrandview City  
Mid OaksKansas City  
Midi EstatesLees Summit City  
Midi EstatesGrain Valley City  
Military HeightsRaytown City  
Mill Creek of Summit MillLees Summit City  
Millcreek EstatesIndependence City  
MillviewBuckner City  
Milton EstatesIndependence City  
Mission LakesKansas City  
Mission RidgeLees Summit City  
Mission WoodsLees Summit City  
Mize MeadowsIndependence City  
Monarch ViewLees Summit City  
MonticelloIndependence City  
Moreland ManorBlue Springs City  
Moreland VillageBlue Springs City  
Morgan AcresLees Summit City  
Morningside AcresLees Summit City  
MorningsideKansas City  
Mount Cleveland HeightsKansas City  
Mount ClevelandKansas City  
Mount WashingtonIndependence City  
Nantucket VillageBlue Springs City  
Nativity ManorIndependence City  
Nellie E. Peters Historic DistrictKansas City  
New Bedord HeightsKansas City  
New LongviewLees Summit City  
Newberry Commons CondominiumsLees Summit City  
NewcastleKansas City  
Nine OaksLees Summit City  
Nob HillKansas City  
Noeleen AcresLees Summit City  
Noland EstatesIndependence City  
Noland HeightsIndependence City  
North AmityKansas City  
North Beacon HillKansas City  
North Blue RidgeKansas City  
North HamptonKansas City  
North Hyde Park Historic DistrictKansas City  
North LakesKansas City  
North StarKansas City  
NorthbrookKansas City  
NorthendKansas City  
Nottingham PlaceIndependence City  
Oak HavenLake Lotawana City  
Oak Hill EstatesLees Summit City  
Oak HillsOak Grove City  
Oak Meyer GardensKansas City  
Oak Park HillsOak Grove City  
Oak Park III SouthKansas City  
Oak ParkKansas City  
Oak Tree FarmsLees Summit City  
OakdellKansas City  
Oakhill EstatesKansas City  
Oaks Ridge EstatesLees Summit City  
Oaks Ridge MeadowsLees Summit City  
Oaks RidgeLees Summit City  
Oaktree EstatesIndependence City  
Old BriarcliffKansas City  
Old Maple ParkKansas City  
Old NortheastKansas City  
Old Town Historic DistrictKansas City  
OldhamKansas City  
Olive Park Village ApartmentsKansas City  
Orchard HillsLees Summit City  
Orchard ManorLees Summit City  
Osage EstatesSibley Village  
Osage PlaceBuckner City  
Osage SpringsBuckner City  
Osage VillageIndependence City  
Oxford MeadowsLees Summit City  
Oxford PointLees Summit City  
Paddock at Richardson RanchLees Summit City  
Palestine Gardens ApartmentsKansas City  
PalestineKansas City  
Palo ParkBlue Springs City  
Parade ParkKansas City  
Park FarmsKansas City  
Park GroveGrandview City  
Park HillsGrandview City  
Park Manor Historic DistrictKansas City  
Park PlazaKansas City  
Park Ridge ManorLees Summit City  
Park Ridge MeadowsLees Summit City  
Park Ridge SummitLees Summit City  
Park RidgeKansas City  
Parker Square ApartmentsKansas City  
Parkview ManorKansas City  
ParkviewIndependence City  
Parkway EstatesBlue Springs City  
Parkway ManorRaytown City  
Parkwood at Stoney CreekLees Summit City  
Parkwood LakesIndependence City  
Paseo HeightsKansas City  
Patricks AdditionSugar Creek City  
Patterson HighlandsKansas City  
Peacedale AcresIndependence City  
Peaceful Valley AcresOak Grove City  
Pebblebrook FarmsGreenwood City  
Pendleton AcresRaytown City  
Pendleton HeightsKansas City  
Pendleton RidgeRaytown City  
Peregrine ValleyIndependence City  
Pheasant RunBlue Springs City  
Pickwick PlaceIndependence City  
Pin Oak EstatesLees Summit City  
Pin OakRaytown City  
Pine RidgeLees Summit City  
PinebrookBlue Springs City  
PinedaleIndependence City  
Pinetree VillageLees Summit City  
Pioneer AcresBlue Springs City  
Platte BrookKansas City  
Platte RidgeKansas City  
Plaza EstatesBlue Springs City  
Pleasant PlaceIndependence City  
Prairie LandingIndependence City  
Prairie Ridge EstatesLees Summit City  
Prather HillsKansas City  
Pressly ViewBlue Springs City  
Preston MeadowsLees Summit City  
PrimroseBlue Springs City  
Princeton HeightsLees Summit City  
Procter LawnIndependence City  
Pryor EstatesLees Summit City  
Pryor MeadowsLees Summit City  
Quail CreekKansas City  
Quail MeadowsLees Summit City  
Quail WalkBlue Springs City  
Quality HillKansas City  
Queen City AcresIndependence City  
Queen City ParkIndependence City  
Raintree Lake EstatesLees Summit City  
Raintree PlazaLees Summit City  
Raintree VillasLees Summit City  
RamsgateIndependence City  
Randall EstatesIndependence City  
Randolph CornersKansas City  
Ravenwood SummersetKansas City  
Ray ManorOak Grove City  
RaycrestRaytown City  
Raytown Country ClubRaytown City  
Raytown HeightsRaytown City  
Raytown LandingRaytown City  
Raytown ManorRaytown City  
Raytown ViewRaytown City  
RaywoodRaytown City  
Red Bridge EstatesKansas City  
Red Bridge HillsKansas City  
Red Bridge Place AparmentsKansas City  
Red Bud EstatesKansas City  
Redwing AdditionLees Summit City  
Regal EstatesLone Jack City  
Regency HeightsIndependence City  
Remington EstatesIndependence City  
Remington VillasIndependence City  
Rennaisance CovesKansas City  
Rennaisance PlaceKansas City  
Repperts AdditionBuckner City  
RestoreKansas City  
Richardson OrchardIndependence City  
RidgemontRaytown City  
Ridgeview EstatesIndependence City  
Ridgeview GroveGrandview City  
Ridgewood HillsLees Summit City  
Ritters AcresLees Summit City  
River ForestKansas City  
River GardenIndependence City  
River OaksGrandview City  
River Park TownhomesKansas City  
RiverviewKansas City  
Roanoke ManorBlue Springs City  
RobandeeKansas City  
Robin HillsLees Summit City  
Rocco HeightsRaytown City  
Rock Hill PlaceGrain Valley City  
Rock HillIndependence City  
Rock HillBlue Springs City  
Rockhill CrestKansas City  
Rockhill ManorKansas City  
Rockhill RidgeKansas City  
Rockwell EstatesIndependence City  
Rockwood GardensIndependence City  
Rockwood HeightsIndependence City  
Roland ParkBlue Springs City  
Rolling HeightsRaytown City  
Rolling HillsKansas City  
Rolling HillsRaytown City  
Rolling MeadowsKansas City  
Rolling MeadowsGreenwood City  
Rolling WoodsRaytown City  
Romanelli GardensKansas City  
Roosevelt ParkIndependence City  
Rose Hill AcresRaytown City  
Rosedale EstatesOak Grove City  
Roseland HeightsLees Summit City  
Rosewood HillsGrain Valley City  
Royal GardensRaytown City  
Royal Oak EstatesOak Grove City  
Royal OaksKansas City  
Rupp EstatesOak Grove City  
Rushton HeightsIndependence City  
Ruskin HeightsKansas City  
Russell ManorKansas City  
Ryan MeadowsGrain Valley City  
Saddlebrook FarmLees Summit City  
SaddleridgeIndependence City  
Salem EastIndependence City  
Salisbury HillsIndependence City  
Santa Fe AcresIndependence City  
Santa Fe HillsKansas City  
Santa Fe Place Historic DistrictKansas City  
Savannah HeightsGrain Valley City  
Savannah RidgeLees Summit City  
Sawyer PlaceIndependence City  
Scandia VillageKansas City  
Scaritt Point North Historic DistrictKansas City  
Scaritt Point South Historic DistrictKansas City  
Schaller AdditionLone Jack City  
Scherer CrossingLees Summit City  
Schereridge VillasLees Summit City  
Schowen HeightsIndependence City  
SeawoodLees Summit City  
Shadow BrookBlue Springs City  
Shadow GlenBlue Springs City  
ShalimarGrandview City  
Shamrock VilalgeGreenwood City  
SheffieldKansas City  
Sheraton EstatesKansas City  
Sherwood EstatesKansas City  
Sherwood EstatesIndependence City  
Sherwood VillageBlue Springs City  
Shiloh EstatesLone Jack City  
ShilohBlue Springs City  
Shoal Brook IIKansas City  
Shrocks AdditionLone Jack City  
Sibley Old TownSibley Village  
Siena at LongviewLees Summit City  
Silkwood EstatesLees Summit City  
Silver PointeLees Summit City  
Simpson-Yoemans-Country Side Historic DistrictKansas City  
Skyline ViewGrandview City  
SkymeadowsOak Grove City  
Sni Creek AcresOak Grove City  
Sni-A-Bar FarmsGrain Valley City  
Sni-CrestOak Grove City  
Somerset at Charleston ParkLees Summit City  
Somerset SquareBlue Springs City  
Somerset ValleyKansas City  
Sonora ValleyBlue Springs City  
South Brooke EstatesRaytown City  
South MaywoodIndependence City  
South OakwoodKansas City  
South PlazaKansas City  
South Ridge EstatesRaytown City  
South RidgeBlue Springs City  
South Round TopKansas City  
South Side Historic DistrictKansas City  
South Third and Southwest Madison Historic DistrictLees Summit City  
South View ManorGrandview City  
SouthbrookeBlue Springs City  
Southeast Green Street Historic Cottage DistrictLees Summit City  
Southern AcresGrandview City  
Southern HeightsIndependence City  
Southern HillsKansas City  
Southgate HillsBlue Springs City  
SouthgateLees Summit City  
Southmoreland Historic DistrictKansas City  
SouthsideIndependence City  
Southview ManorKansas City  
Southwood HeightsRaytown City  
Southwood ManorRaytown City  
Spring Branch GardensIndependence City  
Spring OaksBlue Springs City  
Squire ParkKansas City  
Squires HillKansas City  
St Clair ParkIndependence City  
Staley FarmKansas City  
Stayton HomesteadIndependence City  
Sterling HeightsRaytown City  
Sterling HillsLees Summit City  
Sterling VillageIndependence City  
Stewart HeightsIndependence City  
Still MeadowsBlue Springs City  
Stone CanyonBlue Springs City  
StonebridgeBlue Springs City  
StonecreekBlue Springs City  
StonecrestBlue Springs City  
Stonegate CondosIndependence City  
Stonehaus FarmsLees Summit City  
StonehavenBlue Springs City  
StonehengeKansas City  
StoneridgeBlue Springs City  
Stoney Creek EstatesLees Summit City  
StonybrookKansas City  
Stratford EstatesKansas City  
Stratford GardensKansas City  
Subirban EstatesLake Lotawana City  
Suburban AcresGrandview City  
SugartreeKansas City  
SummerbrookKansas City  
SummerfieldLees Summit City  
SummerfieldBlue Springs City  
SummerfieldGrain Valley City  
Summit CrossingsLees Summit City  
Summit FallsLees Summit City  
Summit MillLees Summit City  
Summit RidgeLees Summit City  
Summit StationLees Summit City  
Summit WoodKansas City  
SummitIndependence City  
Sunny Slope ManorIndependence City  
Sunny VistaOak Grove City  
SunnybrookBlue Springs City  
Sunnyslope HillsKansas City  
Sunrise EstatesGreenwood City  
Sunrise FarmsGrandview City  
Sunset AcresBlue Springs City  
Sunset CoveLees Summit City  
Sunset DixonKansas City  
Sunset HillsKansas City  
Sunset HillsLees Summit City  
Sunset RidgeLees Summit City  
Sunset WoodsKansas City  
Susquehanna VillageIndependence City  
Swope ParkKansas City  
Swope RidgeKansas City  
Sycamore Groves ApartmentsKansas City  
Sycamore HillsIndependence City  
Tall OaksIndependence City  
Tamaqua SouthIndependence City  
Tarsney LakesOak Grove City  
Telford ManorKansas City  
Temple Place CondosIndependence City  
Terrace Lake GardensKansas City  
The CanyonLees Summit City  
The CliffsIndependence City  
The CottagesLees Summit City  
The FallsIndependence City  
The ForestIndependence City  
The Forests of Brookridge EstatesLees Summit City  
The FountainsGrandview City  
The Grove in Oak GroveOak Grove City  
The HideawayLees Summit City  
The Lakes a FarmingtonGrain Valley City  
The MistLees Summit City  
The PinesBlue Springs City  
The VillasRaytown City  
The Vineyards at The SpringsBlue Springs City  
Three TrailsIndependence City  
Tiffany ManorKansas City  
Tiffany SpringsKansas City  
Tiffany WoodsLees Summit City  
Timber Creek RanchIndependence City  
Timber HillsLees Summit City  
Timber MeadowsLees Summit City  
Timber OaksBlue Springs City  
Timber ValleyKansas City  
Timberlake VillageIndependence City  
Tomasha VillageIndependence City  
Town and Country EstatesGreenwood City  
Town Fork CreekKansas City  
Trails of NorthbrookKansas City  
TrailwoodIndependence City  
Tremont ManorKansas City  
Trenton ManorIndependence City  
Troost PlateauKansas City  
TroostwoodKansas City  
Trophy EstatesGreenwood City  
Truman EstatesOak Grove City  
Truman HeightsBlue Springs City  
Twin CreekLees Summit City  
Twin FawnsBlue Springs City  
Twin OaksIndependence City  
Twin TrailsIndependence City  
Tyer RidgeGrain Valley City  
Union Hill Historic DistrictKansas City  
Unity RidgeKansas City  
UtopiaRaytown City  
Vaile ParkIndependence City  
ValentineKansas City  
Valley BrookKansas City  
Valley HeightsGrain Valley City  
Valley Hills EstatesGrain Valley City  
Valley MeadowsGrain Valley City  
Valley View EstatesGrandview City  
Valley ViewKansas City  
Valley WoodsGrain Valley City  
VanSandtGreenwood City  
VerdemontIndependence City  
Vernons AcresSugar Creek City  
Vesper ValeBlue Springs City  
Victoria Arms ApartmentsKansas City  
Victorian ChaletIndependence City  
Victorian EstatesIndependence City  
Vienna WoodsBlue Springs City  
Villa GreensRaytown City  
Villa WoodsRaytown City  
Village EstatesRaytown City  
Village FairLees Summit City  
Village GardensRaytown City  
Village Green TownhomesKansas City  
Village GreenRaytown City  
Village HighlandsGreenwood City  
Village WoodsBlue Springs City  
Villas a WoodburyGrain Valley City  
Villas ar Country MeadowsIndependence City  
Villas at Meadows of WintersetLees Summit City  
Villas at Summit RidgeLees Summit City  
Villas of ParkwoodLees Summit City  
Villas of River OaksGrandview City  
Vineyard EstatesKansas City  
Vineyard VillageKansas City  
Virginia HeightsIndependence City  
Visa EstatesBlue Springs City  
Visa EstatesOak Grove City  
Vista Del VerdeLees Summit City  
WaldenKansas City  
Waldo PlaceIndependence City  
Walnut GardensIndependence City  
Walnut GroveKansas City  
Walnut RidgeKansas City  
Walnut ViewBlue Springs City  
WaterfieldBlue Springs City  
Watrous Grandview AcresGrandview City  
Watt EstatesSibley Village  
Weatherstone WestBlue Springs City  
WeatherstoneBlue Springs City  
Webb EstatesOak Grove City  
WedgewoodIndependence City  
Wellington GreenKansas City  
West 9th Street-Baltimore Avenue Historic DistrictKansas City  
West BannisterKansas City  
West BluffsKansas City  
West RockwoodIndependence City  
WestbrookeLees Summit City  
WestbrookeBlue Springs City  
WestchesterKansas City  
WestchesterRaytown City  
Western HillsKansas City  
Westphal EstatesIndependence City  
Westridge HillsRaytown City  
WestvaleLees Summit City  
Westwind EstatesLees Summit City  
WestwindBlue Springs City  
Westwood HeightsRaytown City  
Westwood HillsIndependence City  
Westwood ParkKansas City  
Whiffin ParkGreenwood City  
Whispering Hills EstatesLone Jack City  
Whispering MeadowsIndependence City  
Whispering ParkGrain Valley City  
White Horse CondosIndependence City  
White Ridge FarmsLees Summit City  
Whitney HillsGrain Valley City  
WildberryKansas City  
Wildwood AcresRaytown City  
Wildwood EstatesRaytown City  
Wildwood LakesRaytown City  
Wildwood WestKansas City  
Willow ManorGreenwood City  
Willow ParkGreenwood City  
Willow TreeBlue Springs City  
WillowbrookBlue Springs City  
WillowsKansas City  
WillowviewRaytown City  
Wiltshire ApartmentsKansas City  
Winchester WoodsKansas City  
Wind RidgeLees Summit City  
WindemereLees Summit City  
Winding Creek EstatesGrain Valley City  
WindsboroLees Summit City  
WindsorLees Summit City  
WindwoodOak Grove City  
Winnwood GardensKansas City  
Winterset GardensLees Summit City  
Winterset ParkLees Summit City  
Winterset ValleyLees Summit City  
Winterset WoodsLees Summit City  
WintersetIndependence City  
WoodbineBlue Springs City  
Woodbridge EstatesGreenwood City  
WoodburyGrain Valley City  
WoodcliffRaytown City  
Wooden AcresIndependence City  
Woodgate FarmsKansas City  
Woodglen EstatesKansas City  
Woodland EstatesLees Summit City  
Woodland GlenLees Summit City  
Woodland ShoresLees Summit City  
WoodmoorIndependence City  
Woodridge EstatesRaytown City  
Woodridge ManorLees Summit City  
WoodridgeIndependence City  
Woods Chapel AcresLees Summit City  
Woods Chapel EstatesBlue Springs City  
Woodson EstatesKansas City  
Woodson HillsRaytown City  
Woodview EstatesLees Summit City  
WoodwindOak Grove City  
Wornall HomesteadKansas City  
Wornall PinesKansas City  
WundurvueIndependence City  
Zaun HeightsIndependence City  
Zummbervail MeadowsGreenwood City  
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