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Neighborhoods in
Champaign County Illinois

River OaksMahomet Village61853
Spring LakeMahomet Village61853
Timber RidgeMahomet Village61853
Westbrook EstatesMahomet Village61853
Abbey FieldsChampaign City  
AbbottsMahomet Village  
AboursSavoy Village  
Adams AcresMahomet Village  
AdamsUrbana City  
AlvisMahomet Village  
AmeritechMahomet Village  
Amvets HomesteadUrbana City  
AnschicksChampaign City  
Arbour MeadowsSavoy Village  
Ashland ParkChampaign City  
Austin FieldsSavoy Village  
Ayrshire SouthChampaign City  
AyrshireChampaign City  
Beckets AdditionMahomet Village  
Bel Aire AdditionRantoul Village  
BergmanRantoul Village  
Beringer CommonsUrbana City  
Bethany ParkRantoul Village  
BorchersMahomet Village  
Boulder RidgeUrbana City  
Boulder RidgeChampaign City  
BrethorstMahomet Village  
Briar HillChampaign City  
Briarcliff AdditionRantoul Village  
BriarcliffMahomet Village  
Briarfield AcresMahomet Village  
Bridle BrookMahomet Village  
Bristol PlaceChampaign City  
BroadmeadowRantoul Village  
BroadwayUrbana City  
Brook FarmMahomet Village  
BrookhillRantoul Village  
BrookshireChampaign City  
Brookview CondosChampaign City  
BrownfieldUrbana City  
BrumfieldMahomet Village  
Buck Hollow NorthMahomet Village  
Buena VistaUrbana City  
Buena VistaChampaign City  
Bunns AdditionUrbana City  
BurtonMahomet Village  
Burwash HeightsChampaign City  
Busey CommonsUrbana City  
BuseyUrbana City  
Butlers AdditionMahomet Village  
Carle ParkUrbana City  
Caro CourtMahomet Village  
CarpentersMahomet Village  
CarrollsUrbana City  
Carters AdditionMahomet Village  
CarverChampaign City  
Champaign HeightsChampaign City  
Chanute AdditionRantoul Village  
Chapman FarmsMahomet Village  
Charter OaksMahomet Village  
ChaunceryChampaign City  
Cherry HillsChampaign City  
Chestnut GroveChampaign City  
Church StreetSavoy Village  
ClapperMahomet Village  
CleaverMahomet Village  
Cobble Creek FarmsMahomet Village  
Cobble CreekMahomet Village  
Cobblefield PointChampaign City  
CobblestoneChampaign City  
CoffinMahomet Village  
Colony GroveMahomet Village  
Colony WestChampaign City  
ColumbiaChampaign City  
CommandersRantoul Village  
Conway CrossingMahomet Village  
Conway FarmsMahomet Village  
CooksMahomet Village  
CoonsRantoul Village  
Copper RidgeChampaign City  
Country Club ManorChampaign City  
Country ClubChampaign City  
Country RidgeMahomet Village  
Country Squire EstatesUrbana City  
Country SquireUrbana City  
Courtyards of SavoySavoy Village  
CourtyardsSavoy Village  
Crescent RidgeChampaign City  
CrestviewRantoul Village  
Crooked CreekMahomet Village  
CrosbyMahomet Village  
Dale ValleyMahomet Village  
DanielsMahomet Village  
Davidsons PlaceChampaign City  
DavidsonsChampaign City  
Davis AdditionUrbana City  
Davis DownsPesotum Village  
DavisMahomet Village  
De YoungsUrbana City  
Deer CreekMahomet Village  
Deer Haven WoodsMahomet Village  
Deer HavenMahomet Village  
Deer HollowMahomet Village  
Deer RidgeOgden Twp  
DeerpathTolono Village  
Delmont VillageUrbana City  
Devonshire MeadowsChampaign City  
Devonshire SouthChampaign City  
Devonshire WestChampaign City  
DevonshireChampaign City  
Dobbins DownsChampaign City  
DowellsMahomet Village  
Dunlap WoodsSidney Village  
DyersChampaign City  
Eagle PointeGifford  
Eagle PraireGifford  
Eagle RidgeUrbana City  
EastlawnRantoul Village  
EastlawnRantoul Village  
EdgebrookChampaign City  
EdgemoorUrbana City  
EdgewoodUrbana City  
EisenhauerMahomet Village  
ElmwoodChampaign City  
English CreekChampaign City  
Ennis HeightsChampaign City  
Ennis RidgeUrbana City  
EnnisUrbana City  
Evergreen SquareSavoy Village  
Fairlawn ParkUrbana City  
FairlawnUrbana City  
Fairview NorthMahomet Village  
FairviewMahomet Village  
Fairway EstatesUrbana City  
FarnhamChampaign City  
FieldstoneSavoy Village  
FlessnerRantoul Village  
Forest ViewMahomet Village  
Fox RunMahomet Village  
Garden HillChampaign City  
Garden HillsChampaign City  
Garden ManorRantoul Village  
Garden MeadowRantoul Village  
Garden ParkChampaign City  
GarwoodChampaign City  
GlenshireChampaign City  
Glenwood OaksUrbana City  
Golfview GreensRantoul Village  
Golfview MastersRantoul Village  
Golfview VillageRantoul Village  
Grahams AdditionMahomet Village  
GrahamsSavoy Village  
Green AcresMahomet Village  
Green MeadowsChampaign City  
GreencroftChampaign City  
GrindleyMahomet Village  
GrovesMahomet Village  
HainesChampaign City  
HalesPhilo Village  
Hansen EstatesMahomet Village  
Harbortown CircleChampaign City  
Harbortown WestChampaign City  
HarbortownChampaign City  
HardinTolono Village  
HarrisTolono Village  
HartlesUrbana City  
Harvard PlaceChampaign City  
HeadleeMahomet Village  
Heron PondMahomet Village  
Hewitts AdditionLudlow Village  
Hidden PondMahomet Village  
HilmunMahomet Village  
HoitMahomet Village  
HolderfieldMahomet Village  
Holiday EstatesChampaign City  
Holiday ParkChampaign City  
Holiday ParkChampaign City  
HomelawnChampaign City  
Hubbardd TerraceUrbana City  
HubbardsChampaign City  
Hunters RidgeMahomet Village  
Indian HillsRantoul Village  
Ironwood WestChampaign City  
IronwoodChampaign City  
Jacobs LandingChampaign City  
JessupMahomet Village  
Jo-Nell CommonsMahomet Village  
JordansSavoy Village  
KamererChampaign City  
Keller FarmsMahomet Village  
KellerwoodMahomet Village  
Kinderwood SouthTolono Village  
Klein AcresRantoul Village  
KoeberleinMahomet Village  
Lake DevonshireChampaign City  
Lake FallsSavoy Village  
Lake ViewMahomet Village  
Lakes at RiverbendMahomet Village  
LakeviewMahomet Village  
Landis FarmUrbana City  
Langes 2ndSavoy Village  
LangesSavoy Village  
Larmons AdditionTolono Village  
LegendsChampaign City  
LeneysOgden Twp  
Liberty on the LakeSavoy Village  
Liberty On The LakeChampaign City  
LicolnwoodChampaign City  
Lincoln PlaceUrbana City  
Lincolnshire CondosChampaign City  
Lincolnshire FieldsChampaign City  
LincolnshireChampaign City  
LincolnwoodUrbana City  
LinviewUrbana City  
LitchfieldChampaign City  
LogdensChampaign City  
Maplewood AddnRantoul Village  
MaplewoodRantoul Village  
MarketviewChampaign City  
Masters TownhomesRantoul Village  
MayfairChampaign City  
MayolMahomet Village  
McCombsChampaign City  
McGarigleBroadlands Village  
Mckinley PlaceChampaign City  
McKinleyChampaign City  
MeadowlakeMahomet Village  
MelroseUrbana City  
Meridian EstatesChampaign City  
Minor LakeChampaign City  
Modern Home AddnChampaign City  
Moorhaven WoodsMahomet Village  
MorningsideChampaign City  
Morrissey ParkChampaign City  
Munhalls Elm TreeUrbana City  
Myra RidgeUrbana City  
Natures LandingMahomet Village  
North ArrowheadUrbana City  
North PointeGifford  
North RidgeMahomet Village  
NorthwoodChampaign City  
O'Neill EstatesTolono Village  
Oak CreekMahomet Village  
Oak HavenMahomet Village  
OakcrestRantoul Village  
Officers RowRantoul Village  
Olde TownRantoul Village  
OlgerMahomet Village  
ONeillChampaign City  
Owl WoodUrbana City  
Park HavenChampaign City  
Park HillsMahomet Village  
Park PlaceChampaign City  
Park TerraceChampaign City  
Parkland RidgeChampaign City  
Patricia CourtChampaign City  
PettysUrbana City  
Pheasant CircleSavoy Village  
Pheasant RidgeRantoul Village  
Pin OakMahomet Village  
PinetreeMahomet Village  
PlainviewMahomet Village  
Pleasant AcresRantoul Village  
Ponds Of WindsorChampaign City  
PorterUrbana City  
Prairie CrossingMahomet Village  
Prairie FieldsMahomet Village  
Prairie FieldsSavoy Village  
Prairie MeadowsSavoy Village61874
Prairie RidgeMahomet Village  
Prairie ViewLongview Village  
Prairie ViewRantoul Village  
Prairie WindsUrbana City  
Priarie View ParkRantoul Village  
Prospect PlaceChampaign City  
PughsMahomet Village  
PurnellMahomet Village  
Quad K FarmsMahomet Village  
Quail RunMahomet Village  
Quail RunSavoy Village  
RayburnMahomet Village  
ReedPesotum Village  
Regency EastUrbana City  
Regency WestChampaign City  
ReynoldsMahomet Village  
Richardson EstatesUrbana City  
Ridge CreekMahomet Village  
Ridge ParkChampaign City  
RidgewoodChampaign City  
RidgewoodChampaign City  
RiversideMahomet Village  
RiverviewMahomet Village  
Robeson Meadows WestChampaign City  
Robeson MeadowsChampaign City  
RoesUrbana City  
Rolling AcresRantoul Village  
Rolling AcresChampaign City  
Rolling Hills EstatesMahomet Village  
Rolling HillsMahomet Village  
RyanRantoul Village  
SandersMahomet Village  
Sandy RidgeMahomet Village  
Sangamon HeightsMahomet Village  
Savannah GreenUrbana City  
SawgrassChampaign City  
SchlutersThomasboro Village  
ScottswoodUrbana City  
SeminaryChampaign City  
Shady Lawn AddChampaign City  
Shady LawnChampaign City  
Shipley EstatesPhilo Village  
ShreevesMahomet Village  
Smithbrook ParkMahomet Village  
SomersetUrbana City  
South PinesChampaign City  
South Point CommonsRantoul Village  
South RidgeUrbana City  
SouthgateChampaign City  
Southwest PlaceChampaign City  
SouthwoodChampaign City  
Stadium ViewChampaign City  
StahlyChampaign City  
StipesUrbana City  
Stone CreekUrbana City  
StonegateChampaign City  
StonegateChampaign City  
Stratford ParkChampaign City  
SumacChampaign City  
Summerfield EstatesMahomet Village  
Summit RidgeMahomet Village  
Sunny AcresMahomet Village  
Sunny EstatesUrbana City  
Sunny KnollChampaign City  
SunnycrestUrbana City  
SunnydalMahomet Village  
Sunnydale AcresMahomet Village  
Sunrise TerraceMahomet Village  
Sunset PlaceChampaign City  
Sunset TerraceRantoul Village  
TaggartsUrbana City  
TaggartsChampaign City  
TahoeChampaign City  
The HedgerowsMahomet Village  
The KnollsPhilo Village  
The RidgeUrbana City  
The Trails at AbbeyChampaign City  
The WoodsMahomet Village  
ThompsonMahomet Village  
Thornewood NorthMahomet Village  
ThornewoodMahomet Village  
Thorobred AcresChampaign City  
ThorpesUrbana City  
Three WillowsUrbana City  
Timber Big AcresMahomet Village  
Timber HillsUrbana City  
Timber LaneMahomet Village  
TimberlaneMahomet Village  
Timberline SouthChampaign City  
Timberline ValleyChampaign City  
TimberlineChampaign City  
Timberview EastMahomet Village  
Timberview WestMahomet Village  
TimberviewMahomet Village  
Trails at Abbey FieldsChampaign City  
Trails at BrittanyChampaign City  
Trails EdgeChampaign City  
TrailsideMahomet Village  
Transition AcresMahomet Village  
Trevetts AdditionChampaign City  
Turnberry RidgeChampaign City  
TurnberryChampaign City  
Twin LakesRantoul Village  
Twin OaksMahomet Village  
University DownsUrbana City  
University HeightsUrbana City  
Urbana HeightsUrbana City  
Van Doren'S AddUrbana City  
Van DorensUrbana City  
Village AcresPesotum Village  
Villas at FairlawnUrbana City  
Waters EdgeUrbana City  
WebbersUrbana City  
WeedsUrbana City  
Wendover HeightsMahomet Village  
WendoverMahomet Village  
West ChurchChampaign City  
Western HillsMahomet Village  
Western HillsChampaign City  
Western TerraceChampaign City  
WestlakeChampaign City  
WestlawnChampaign City  
Westlin MeadowsRantoul Village  
WestridgeChampaign City  
WestviewChampaign City  
Whisper MeadowMahomet Village  
Whispering OaksUrbana City  
Whites AdditionChampaign City  
Wilbur HeightsChampaign City  
Wildwood AcresMahomet Village  
Wildwood EstatesMahomet Village  
WildwoodChampaign City  
Willow SpringsUrbana City  
WillowbrookMahomet Village  
Wills TraceChampaign City  
WilshireSavoy Village  
WilsonChampaign City  
Windsor PointeChampaign City  
WindstoneTolono Village  
WindwoodMahomet Village  
WingertMahomet Village  
Wood CreekMahomet Village  
Wood GlenMahomet Village  
WoodbineMahomet Village  
Woodfield EstatesMahomet Village  
Woodfield SouthMahomet Village  
Woodfield WestMahomet Village  
YakelsRantoul Village  
YoumanRantoul Village  
YoumansRantoul Village  
ZehrLudlow Village  
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