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Single Family Build For Rent

Posted 8/28/2019

15 million households, representing 35% of renting households, rent single-family homes rather than multi-unit apartments. [1]

According to NAHB [2] (National Association of Home Builders) single family homes account for just over 1/3rd of U.S. rental housing stock. Mega-builder Toll Brothers recently dipped apportioned a piece of its investment portofolio into the small, but growing SFBFR (Single Family Build for Rent) market with a $60-million nod to Phoenix-based "BB Living."

Online builder news website Builderrecently featured an article title, "Single Family Built for Rent's Break out Moment Has Come" [3] The article's opening sentence caught our attention and interest: Renting by choice, one of the past decade's 'stealth' macro consumer and housing preference trends, has shown the kind of staying power and scalability that's got all the big single-family for-sale home builders abuzz about the strategic opportunities ahead..

The website Professional Builder notes: Communities of newly built, single-family homes are being developed exclusively for renters by choice. [4]

The Toll Brothers/BB Living arrangement reportedly includes plans for new SFBFR communities in 20 different market areas.

SFBFR will be a major topic at the upcoming (10/21/2019) conference in Miami, FuturePlace, sponsored by Hanley Wood and Meyers Research. [5]

According to Florida's ERC Homebuilders [6], (custom developer, designer and builder of "build-to-rent" homes), Single‑family for rent is fastest‑growing segment of U.S. housing market, with the pace predicted to continue for years. About 16 million rental properties today are single-family homes, with another 13 million new rental households expected to be formed by 2030.

Living Places looks forward to following media and participant coverage of the conference as we consider including SFBFR communities tow our expanding database of residential subdivisions and neighborhoods.

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