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Tuesday, 03/23/2021

Is Residentail Real Estate Headed Up or Down?
We would love to hear your opinion.

Hudson River at Newburgh

The fact is, no one knows with any degree of certainty. Most especially in these times — since events that have transpired worldwide since March of 2020.

Depending on your level of patience and your ability to deftly scour the media — offline or online or both — you might have stopped when you discovered an answer you either want don't want to believe.

On the other hand, if you looked in-depth, you likely came away either confused or convinced that what you read about real estate's future is nothing more than motivated by self-interest. At worst. Or a phantasmagorical exercise at best.

Some who stop after reading a positive slant might change their life's course, sign up for real estate licensing school, and start making plans on what to do with their imagined broker commission windfalls.

Others, who read about a looming downturn or even crash, might rush to try to sell their home, intending to reap the recent unprecedented rise in home equity. Why not sell, go rent and practice austerity until the downturn comes to pass? Certainly it will come sooner than later. Then perhaps repurchase your home at a fraction of what you sold it for. Or consider using what became profit to move up, something you're unable to do under present conditions. Where you possibly can't even afford to buy your own home.

If you were to ask us at Living Places what side we lean toward, we have to admit, we're stymied. That's why we're interested in your take on the matter. Perhaps, being forever optimistic, we secretly hope someone may provide a clear, prescient observation that makes logical sense of it all. Wishful thinking? Possibly. If we don't ask, we'll never know until its perhaps too late. But sitting silent is not our style. So at least we'll try.

Send us an e-mail at feedback@livingplaces.com. We welcome you opinion whether you prefer to be anonymous, or not. If we find what you have to say is especially worthy of sharing, we may contact you for permission to post your thoughts here (dont' forget to include your contact info if interested). Otherwise, your reply goes into the vault. We're great supports of rights to privacy.

Photo: compliments of Sangga Rima Roman Selia via unsplash.com