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Mahoning Township

Montour County, Pennsylvania

Mahoning Township Municipal Building is located at 1101 Bloom Road, Danville PA 17821.
Phone: 570‑275‑5521.

Beginnings [1]

The names of the taxable citizens of Mahoning Township assessed during the year of 1798 have been handed down to the present time through a record which was made by Philip Maus, tax collector for the township in that year. The territorial limits of the present Mahoning are a great deal smaller than the township was in the closing days of the eighteenth century, and consequently the list, which is given below, contains names of citizens who lived in communities now bearing a different name. In fact, this list includes about all of the then residents of the entire county of Montour, and a part of Columbia County as well. The names are: Paul Adam, James Burk, Robert Biggers, John Bogart, Daniel Barton, Elisha Barton, Cornelius Bogart, Abraham Bogart, Stephen Brown, Peter, Frederick and Michael Blue, Thomas Boyer, John Clark, James Conifran, Isaac Calden, Duncan Cameron, Widow Curry, George Caldwell, John Caldwell, John and William Cox, William Cornelius, Widow Cameron (grandmother of Hon. Simon Cameron), Andrew Coughran, John and Thomas Davis, Samuel Erwin, John Enrit, Sr., and Jr., John and Daniel Frazer, Michael Hille, Hugh and Thomas Hughes, David Inawalt, James Getplin, James Kermer, David Kerr, John Moore, Philip Maus, John Miller, William Montgomery, Alex. McMillen, Benjamin Martin, William Martin, Aaron and Daniel Pew, Daniel Phillips, Robinson, Leonard Rupert, James Rabe, John Stewart, James Sample, John Seigler, Michael Sundes, Jacob Vanderbilt, Gilbert Vorhigh, John Woodward, John Wilson, Joseph Williams, Thomas Willetts, John Young, Alexander Seliman, Harman Zulic. In this list, the single men are separated from the married men, and the former, who were mostly young taxpayers, are given as follows: George Maus, Isaac Budwan, Mike Saunders, John Cook, Samuel Enrit, Jacob Sechler, Alexander McGee, William Richard, David Steele, Jacob Groff, Widow Campbell (a young widow it is supposed), Jonathan D. Sargeant, Michael Bright, William Clark, Widow Duncan, Daniel Heisher, Abel and Daniel Reese, Aaron Long, George Miller, Evan Owen, David Phillips, Widow Zimea, Thomas Robinson, Alexander Berryhill, William Ross, Abner Wickersham, Dennis Leary, James Hunter, George Fant, John Buel, Cadawallader Zowns, Samuel Pleasants.

When Danville was made a borough and separated from Mahoning Township the area was still further diminished. Being composed mostly of immense hills, and with Danville for a near neighbor, the township of Mahoning has had few happenings to chronicle in its history. In this township were the Danville and Mahoning Poor Farm and the State Hospital for the Insane.

Mechanicsville, a settlement of workmen along the Bloomsburg trolley line, is the site of the Ontiora silk mill, built in 1911.

Here also stood the "White" Methodist church, which was torn down" in 1891.

The Odd Fellows, Catholic, and German Reformed cemeteries are within the limits of Mahoning Township.

Many of the iron mines of the owners of the big Danville furnaces, which produced abundantly for a long period, were within the limits of Mahoning Township.

The most interesting of the schools of this township is the Mahoning schoolhouse, built before the formation of the county of Montour, on land donated by Jacob Sechler. The old frame building is now replaced by a brick building of large size.

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