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Pennsbury School District Neighborhoods

143 Neighborhoods, Subdivisions, and Villages
Pennsbury School District  •  Bucks County PA

Afton ChaseLower Makefield Township1996
ArborleaLower Makefield Township1950
Ashley EstatesLower Makefield Township1987
AvenroweFalls Township1999
Beechwood LotsLower Makefield Township1964
Bexley OrchardsLower Makefield Township1988
Big Oak BendLower Makefield Township1986
Big Oak WoodsLower Makefield Township1979
Birch ValleyFalls Township1953
Black Rock TerraceLower Makefield Township1960
Bridle EstatesLower Makefield Township1999
Brookfield at FarmviewLower Makefield Township1991
BrookstoneLower Makefield Township1993
Burgess ManorFalls Township1952
Carriage HillLower Makefield Township1970
Centennial VillageLower Makefield Township1979
Chestnut WoodsLower Makefield Township1992
Clearview EstatesLower Makefield Township1997
Cochran PlanLower Makefield Township1951
CornerstoneLower Makefield Township1994
Countryside EstatesLower Makefield Township1990
Covered BridgeLower Makefield Township1979
Delavue ManorLower Makefield Township1957
Edgehill GardensLower Makefield Township1927
Edgewood ParkLower Makefield Township1966
Edgewood VillageLower Makefield Township1850
ElderberryFalls Township1952
Erb PlanLower Makefield Township1955
Fairfield at FarmviewLower Makefield Township1991
Fairfield TerraceLower Makefield Township1952
Fairless HillsFalls Township1953
FairwayLower Makefield Township1953
FallsingtonFalls Township1750
Fallsington WoodsFalls Township2004
FarmviewLower Makefield Township1993
FenwoodLower Makefield Township1959
Ferry RoadLower Makefield Township1936
Gatefield at FarmviewLower Makefield Township1997
GlenwoodLower Makefield Township1950
Green AcresLower Makefield Township1954
Hall DevelopmentLower Makefield Township1951
HavavueLower Makefield Township1941
Heacock MeadowsLower Makefield Township1981
Heather RidgeLower Makefield Township1991
Hedgerow WoodsFalls Township1965
Heritage OaksLower Makefield Township1987
Hickory HillsLower Makefield Township1966
Hidden OaksLower Makefield Township1992
Hillwood TerraceLower Makefield Township1964
Island ViewLower Makefield Township1956
Island WoodsLower Makefield Township2003
Kimbles Field at FarmviewLower Makefield Township1995
LakesideFalls Township1952
LakesideTullytown Borough1952
Lindenhurst PlanLower Makefield Township1970
Long Lane WoodsLower Makefield Township1984
Longshore EstatesLower Makefield Township1996
Makefield BrookLower Makefield Township1989
Makefield Brook IILower Makefield Township1991
Makefield ChaseLower Makefield Township1981
Makefield CrossingLower Makefield Township1999
Makefield EstatesLower Makefield Township1984
Makefield GlenLower Makefield Township1990
Makefield HamletLower Makefield Township1985
Makefield ManorLower Makefield Township1952
Makefield PlaceLower Makefield Township1986
Makefield RidgeLower Makefield Township1986
Makefield Road VillageFalls Township1988
Makefield TerraceLower Makefield Township1940
MaplevaleLower Makefield Township1964
Marlboro ManorLower Makefield Township1969
MeadowbrookLower Makefield Township1995
Meetinghouse GlenLower Makefield Township2001
Milford ManorLower Makefield Township1963
Mill Creek EstatesFalls Township1952
Mill Road EstatesLower Makefield Township1998
Mill RunLower Makefield Township1992
Mirror Lake FarmsLower Makefield Township1982
North ParkFalls Township1953
Oak Tree FarmsLower Makefield Township1996
Orchard Hill FarmsYardley Borough1995
Oxford CrossingFalls Township1988
Oxford GlenLower Makefield Township1982
Palmer FarmLower Makefield Township1991
Peake FarmLower Makefield Township1997
Pebble CreekLower Makefield Township1983
Penn Valley ManorLower Makefield Township1957
Penn VillageFalls Township1953
Penns GrantFalls Township1982
Penns PlaceFalls Township1991
Pennsbury HeightsFalls Township1955
Pine Brook FarmsLower Makefield Township1960
PinewoodFalls Township1952
PinewoodTullytown Borough1952
Prospect ManorLower Makefield Township2004
Queens GrantLower Makefield Township1976
RidingsLower Makefield Township1997
River GlenLower Makefield Township1954
River MawrYardley Borough1945
RiverdaleLower Makefield Township1965
RivergateLower Makefield Township1993
Rock Creek RunFalls Township2004
Rolling GreeneLower Makefield Township1998
Rose HollowLower Makefield Township1983
SanctuaryLower Makefield Township1995
Sandy RunLower Makefield Township1967
Sandy Run IILower Makefield Township1973
Scammels CornerLower Makefield Township1960
Silver Lake TerraceLower Makefield Township1953
Stewarts FieldLower Makefield Township2001
Stony Hill HomesLower Makefield Township1979
StonybrookTullytown Borough1952
Sunny KnollsLower Makefield Township1970
Sutphin PinesLower Makefield Township1983
TanglewoodLower Makefield Township1986
ThornridgeFalls Township1953
Three ArchesFalls Township1712
Timber Lake EstatesLower Makefield Township1986
Valley GreeneLower Makefield Township1997
ValleywoodLower Makefield Township1965
Vermilion HillsFalls Township1955
Village of NottinghamFalls Township1977
West AcresLower Makefield Township1948
West RidingLower Makefield Township1977
WestoverLower Makefield Township1953
Willow Wisp FarmsLower Makefield Township1993
Willow WoodFalls Township1952
Wilshire GlenLower Makefield Township2004
WoodlandsLower Makefield Township1993
WyndhamLower Makefield Township1996
WynnewoodLower Makefield Township1985
Yardley CommonsYardley Borough1968
Yardley CornersLower Makefield Township1985
Yardley CrestLower Makefield Township1992
Yardley EstatesLower Makefield Township1987
Yardley Historic DistrictYardley Borough
Yardley HuntLower Makefield Township1979
Yardley MeadowsLower Makefield Township1984
Yardley OaksLower Makefield Township1986
Yardley PointYardley Borough2000
Yardley RunLower Makefield Township1988
Yardley StationYardley Borough1999
Yardley TerraceYardley Borough1951
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