What is an Agrihood?

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What are Agrihoods

Agrihood Living (www.agrihoodliving.com) defines agrihoods as "Eco-friendly Master Planned Residential neighborhoods centered around a working farm and/or community gardens.

Civil East (www.civieats.com) says "... simply put, an agrihood is a housing development centered around community farming.

Gardening Know How (www.gardeningknowhow.com) elaborates — “Agrihood” is a portmanteau of the words “agriculture” and “neighborhood.” But it’s not just a neighborhood near farmland. An agrihood is a residential neighborhood specially designed to integrate gardening or farming in some way. Just like some residential communities have communal tennis courts or gyms, an agrihood might include a series of raised beds or even an entire working farm complete with animals and long rows of vegetables.

Some of the more well-known deveopments are:

What's in a (Street) Name?

As we browsed through the Agrihood development websites we couldn't help but smile at some of the non-traditional, toungue‑in‑cheek street names, like ones in Whisper Valley: Becoming Street, Dalliance Lane, Summery Lane, Fetching Avenue, Sumptuous Drive.