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Neighborhood Street Names – Y

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Links to Street Names appearing in two or more different Living Places neighborhoods and/or historic districts.

# of

Street Name
1Y Street
1Yacht Avenue
2Yacht Club Drive
1Yadkin Avenue
1Yadkin Avenue South
1Yadkin Drive
1Yaeger Court
1Yakima Street
6Yale Avenue
1Yale Avenue East
1Yale Avenue North
4Yale Court
3Yale Drive
1Yale Farms Lane
1Yale Place
1Yale Place East
5Yale Road
3Yale Street
1Yale Street West
1Yale Terrace
1Yalecrest Avenue
1Yamhill Street SW
1Yampa Street East
1Yancey Street
1Yanceyville Street
1Yancy Lane
1Yancy Street
1Yankee Court
1Yankee Road
1Yantic Street
1Yardarm Drive
1Yardley Avenue
1Yardley Circle
5Yardley Court
3Yardley Drive
1Yardley Farms Drive
3Yardley Lane
1Yardley Manor Drive
6Yardley Road
1Yardley Station Drive
1Yardley Trail
2Yardley-Langhorne Road
6Yardley-Morrisville Road
2Yardley-Newtown Road
1Yardville Allentown Road
1Yarmouth Court
1Yarmouth Drive
5Yarmouth Lane
1Yarmouth Place
1Yarmouth Road
2Yarmouth Street
1Yarmouth Street West
1Yarmouth Way
1Yarn Court
2Yarrow Court
2Yarrow Place
1Yarrow Street
1Yarrow Way
2Yarwood Street NE
1Yasmine Cove
2Yates Avenue
1Yates Ford Road
1Yates Place
2Yates Road
1Yates Road East
5Yates Street
1Yates Terrace
1Yaubert Avenue
1Yavapai Street West
1Yeakel Way
1Yearling Chase
1Yearling Court
2Yearling Drive
1Yearling Lane
1Yearling Trail
1Yearling Way
1Yeates Alley
2Yeatmans Station Road
1Yeaton Lane
1Yeaton Road
2Yeger Drive
1Yeger Road
1Yellow Barn Court
1Yellow Bee Road
1Yellow Belle
1Yellow Birch Court
1Yellow Birch Lane
1Yellow Bonnet Place
1Yellow Daisy Lane
1Yellow Green Street
1Yellow Jacket Lane
1Yellow Poplar Drive
1Yellow Rose Court
1Yellow Springs Court
1Yellow Springs Road
2Yellow Wood Court
1Yellowcress Drive
1Yellowfield Boulevard
1Yellowood Court
1Yellowood Drive
1Yellowstar Lane
1Yellowstone Circle
2Yellowstone Road
1Yellowstone Street
1Yellowwood Avenue
1Yellowwood Drive
1Yerger Road
1Yerger Street
2Yerkes Road
1Yetter Drive
1Yew Street
1Yoakum Parkway
1Yockus Lane
2Yoder Road
1Yoder Street
1Yolanda Avenue
2York Avenue
1York Boulevard
1York Circle
3York Court
1York Crest Terrace
5York Drive
1York Drive North
1York Drive South
1York Lane
1York Lane East
2York Place
1York River Drive
18York Road
2York Road North
1York Road South
14York Street
1York Street North
3York Street South
1Yorkbridge Drive
1Yorkdale Drive
1Yorklyn Lane
1Yorklyn Road
1Yorkship Road
1Yorkshire Avenue
1Yorkshire Circle
1Yorkshire Court
11Yorkshire Drive
4Yorkshire Lane
1Yorkshire Place
7Yorkshire Road
1Yorkshire Street
1Yorkshire Terrace
5Yorkshire Way
1Yorkshires Drive
1Yorkshyre Way
1Yorktown Avenue South
1Yorktown Circle.
7Yorktown Court
10Yorktown Drive
1Yorktown Lane
1Yorktown North
2Yorktown Place
1Yorktown Place South
5Yorktown Road
1Yorktown South
2Yorktowne Boulevard
1Yorktowne Circle
1Yorktowne Court
1Yorkville Terrace
1Yorkville Way
1Yorkwood Street
1Yosemite Drive
1Yosemite Falls Drive
1Yosemite Street
1Yoshino Way
3Yost Road
1Yougene Street
1Young America Road
1Young Birch Road
1Young Court
1Young Lane
1Young Place
3Young Street
1Young Street West
1Youngman Avenue West
1Youngs Boulevard North
1Youngs Court
1Youngs Lane
3Youngs Road
1Youngsford Road
1Youngwood Road
1Youpon Drive
1Youpon Road
1Your Host Circle
1Your Host Lane
1Yout Street
1Yubas Avenue
1Yucca Court
1Yukatan Way
1Yukon Avenue North
1Yukon Street
1Yuma Drive
2Yuma Trail
1Yvonne Way

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