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Neighborhood Street Names – L

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Links to Street Names appearing in two or more different Living Places neighborhoods and/or historic districts.

# of

Street Name
1L Enfant Circle
3L Street
1L Street West
1La Calle Drive
2La Costa Drive
1La Costal Drive
1La Crosse Avenue West
1La Folette Drive
1La Gorce Boulevard
1La Grande Drive
2La Jolla Drive East
1La Junta Avenue
1La Paloma Court
1La Quinta Drivew
1La Quinta Lane
1La Quinta Trail
2La Reata Avenue West
1La Riba Way
1La Rue Street
1La Salle Drive
1La Salle Street South
1La Tierra Linda Trail
1La Valette Avenue
1La Vista Drive
1Labaw Drive
1Labelle Lane
1Labrador Drive
1Labrador Trail
1Laburnum Avenue West
1Laburnum Close
1Lace Circle
1Lacebark Street
1Lacewing Drive
1Lacewood Lane
3Lacey Avenue
1Lacey Lane
1Lacey Street East
1Lachance Court
2Lackawanna Avenue
1Lackawanna Drive
1Lackawanna Lane
1Lackawanna Street
1Laclede Avenue
1Laclede Drive
1Lacombe Court
1Lacosta Court
1Lacosta Drive
1Lacrosse Street
1Ladbroke Lane
1Ladbrooke Street
1Ladd Avenue SE
1Ladds Lane
1Laddsburg Hill Road
1Lady Bug Lane
1Lady Leslie Lane
1Lady Marion Way
1Lady of the Lake Lane
3Lady Slipper Lane
1Lady Violet Drive
1Lady Washington Street North
1Lady Washington Street South
1Ladybank Court
1Ladybank Lane
1Ladykirk Lane
1Ladyslipper Lane
1LaFaye Street
20Lafayette Avenue
1Lafayette Avenue NE
2Lafayette Avenue North
1Lafayette Avenue SE
2Lafayette Boulevard
1Lafayette Circle
2Lafayette Court
9Lafayette Drive
1Lafayette Drive East
1Lafayette Drive West
3Lafayette Lane
1Lafayette Place
5Lafayette Road
15Lafayette Street
2Lafayette Street East
3Lafayette Street West
1Lafayette Way
1LaFitte Court
1Lafonde Court
1Lafying Street NE
1Lager Lane
1Lago Vista Drive South
1Lagoma Avenue
1Lagoon Avenue
1LaGrasse Street
1LaGuardia Place
1Laguna Boulevard
1Laguna Drive
2Laguna Drive East
1Laguna Vista
1Lahal Court
1Lahall Avenue
1Lahawa Drive
1Lahinch Drive
1Lahn Lane
1Laine Avenue
1Laings Avenue
1Laird Avenue
1Laird Circle
1Lajolla Lane
1Lake Adair Boulevard
1Lake Adair Boulevard South
1Lake Arrowhead Circle
11Lake Avenue
1Lake Avenue East
1Lake Avenue North
2Lake Avenue South
2Lake Avenue West
1Lake Baldwin Drive
1Lake Boulevard East
1Lake Brantley Drive West
1Lake Brantley Terrace
1Lake Catalpa Road
1Lake Circle East
1Lake Clair Court
1Lake Crest Drive
1Lake Desolation Road
7Lake Drive
3Lake Drive North
2Lake Drive South
1Lake Drive West
1Lake End Place
1Lake Eva Drive
1Lake Eva Marie Drive
1Lake Forest Drive
1Lake Front Drive East
1Lake Front Drive West
1Lake Gem Drive
2Lake George Avenue
1Lake George Circle
1Lake Haven Drive
1Lake Highlands Drive
1Lake Hill Road
1Lake Lucerne Drive
1Lake Mansfield Lane
1Lake Mansfield Road
1Lake Meadow Court
1Lake Narraticon Drive
1Lake Occoquan Drive
1Lake Ozarks Drive
1Lake Park View
1Lake Placid Drive
1Lake Plaza Road
1Lake Pointe Lane
1Lake Ridge Boulevard
1Lake Ridge Road
1Lake Ridge Way
7Lake Road
4Lake Road East
2Lake Road North
1Lake Road South
2Lake Road West
6Lake Shore Drive
1Lake Shore Drive East
1Lake Shore Lane
1Lake Shore Road
1Lake Shore Terrace
1Lake Side Drive
20Lake Street
1Lake Street East
1Lake Street West
1Lake Tahoe Circle
1Lake Terrace Road
2Lake Valley Court
1Lake Valley Road
1Lake View Court
1Lake View Drive
1Lake View Terrace
1Lake Vista Drive
1Lake Washington Boulevard North
1Lake Wilhelm Road
1Lakebridge Drive
1Lakecress Drive East
1Lakecress Drive South
1Lakecress Drive West
1Lakedale Drive
1Lakefield Drive
1Lakefront Drive
1Lakefront Terrace Drive
1Lakehurst Court
1Lakehurst Lane
1Lakehurst Way
1Lakenheath Lane
1Lakeport Drive
1Laker Court
1Lakeridge Lane
1Lakes at Cheshire Drive
1Lakes North Drive
1Lakeshore Circle
5Lakeshore Drive
1Lakeshore Drive West
3Lakeside Avenue
1Lakeside Boulevard
2Lakeside Court
8Lakeside Drive
2Lakeside Drive North
2Lakeside Drive West
1Lakeside Lane
1Lakeside Manor Lane
1Lakeside Street
1Lakeside Way
3Lakeview Avenue
1Lakeview Boulevard SW
4Lakeview Circle
8Lakeview Court
1Lakeview Crescent
16Lakeview Drive
2Lakeview Drive East
1Lakeview Drive North
1Lakeview Drive South
1Lakeview Drive West
1Lakeview Heights Road
1Lakeview Lane
4Lakeview Road
1Lakeview Street
3Lakeview Terrace
1Lakevue Drive
1Lakewind Street
2Lakewood Avenue
1Lakewood Avenue South
2Lakewood Avenue West
1Lakewood Boulevard
2Lakewood Court
5Lakewood Drive
1Lakewood Lane
1Lakewood Meadows Court
2Lakewood Road
1Lakewood Way
1Lakeworth Drive
1Lakota Trail
1Lalique Lane
1Lalor Street
1Lamar Avenue
1Lamar Street
1Lamb Avenue
1Lamb Brook Lane
1Lamb Street
1Lamb Tavern Drive
1Lambda Circle
1Lambert Drive
1Lambert Lane
2Lambert Road
1Lamberthurst Close
1Lamberton Park
1Lamberton Street
1Lamberts Lane
2Lambeth Court
1Lambeth Drive
1Lambeth Road
1Lambo Court
1Lambourne Path
1Lamesa Lane
1Lamie Court
1Lammey Way
1Lamont Court
1Lamont Place
2Lamont Road
1Lamont Street
1Lamonte Lane
1Lamos Lane
2Lamott Avenue
1Lamour Street
3Lamp Post Lane
1Lamp Post Road
1Lampeter Court
1Lamplight Court
1Lamplight Lane
1Lamplighter Court
1Lamplighter Drive
1Lamplighter Drive South
2Lamplighter Lane
1Lamplighter Road
1Lamplighter Way
1Lamppost Place
1Lampson Street
1Lampton Lane
1Lamson Court
1Lamson Lane
1Lanaken Drive
1Lanarc Drive
1Lanark Drive
1Lanark Place
3Lanark Road
2Lanark Street
4Lancashire Drive
1Lancashire Road
9Lancaster Avenue
3Lancaster Avenue East
1Lancaster Avenue North
1Lancaster Avenue South
2Lancaster Avenue West
5Lancaster Court
5Lancaster Drive
1Lancaster Highway
3Lancaster Lane
1Lancaster Lane North
1Lancaster Lane South
1Lancaster Pike
1Lancaster Rise
2Lancaster Street
1Lancaster Street North
1Lancaster Street South
1Lance Lane
1Lancelot Avenue
1Lancelot Circle
1Lancelot Court
1Lancelot Drive
1Lancelot Lane
1Lancer Street
1Lanci Road
1Lancing Road
1Lanckton Court
1Land Street
1Landau Lane SW
1Landbridge Lane
1Landemere Court
1Landenberg Road
1Landers Court
1Landfield Road
1Landgreen Street
1Landing Court
2Landing Drive
1Landing Hill Road
1Landing Lane
1Landing View Lane
1Landings Circle
1Landings Court
1Landings Road
1Landis Avenue
1Landis Drive
1Landis Greene
1Landis Rush Drive
1Landis Street East
1Landisville Road
1Landmark Circle
1Landmark Drive
1Landmark Lane
1Landmark Place
1Landmark Road
1Landon Drive
4Landon Way
2Landore Lane
2Landover Drive
1Landover Lane
1Landreth Lane
1Landreth Road
1Landrum Street
1Lands End Circle
1Lands End Court SW
1Landsbrook Run East
1Landsbrook Run North
1Landsbrook Run West
1Landum Street
1Landview Lane
1Landys Lane
1Lane A
1Lane Avenue
1Lane B
1Lane C
1Lane D
1Lane E
1Lane F
1Lane G
1Lane H
1Lane J
1Lane K
1Lane L
1Lane Lorraine
1Lane M
1Lane N
1Lane O
2Lane of Acres
1Lane of Tall Pines
1Lane of Trees
1Lane OO
1Lane P
1Lane Q
1Lane R
1Lane Road
1Lane Street
1Lane Street East
1Lane Street SE
1Lanercost Court
1Lanes End
1Lanesborough Way
1Laney Court
2Lanfair Road
1Lang Court
1Lang Drive
1Lang Place
1Lang Schtroos Drive
1Langcliffe Court
1Langdon Drive
1Langdon Pointe Drive
2Langdon Road
1Lange Court
1Langenberg Avenue
1Langford Court
2Langford Drive
3Langford Lane
2Langford Road
1Langhorne Road
1Langley Circle
1Langley Court
1Langley Court South
2Langley Drive
1Langmoore Drive
1Langrock Way
1Langstaff Avenue
1Langston Boulevard
4Langston Circle
1Langstoon Lane
1Langton Hill Road
1Langton Lane
2Lanier Avenue
1Lanier Boulevard
2Lanier Court
1Lanier Ridge Walk
1Laning Street
1Lanitos Court
1Lankenau Avenue
1Lanning Trail
1Lansberry Drive
1Lansbrook Court
1Lansburgh Circle
1Lansburgh Court
1Lansdale Avenue
2Lansdale Drive
1Lansdale Place
1Lansdale Street
1Lansdowne Avenue
1Lansdowne Avenue North
2Lansdowne Court
2Lansdowne Drive
1Lansdowne Road
1Lansford Avenue
1Lansford Street
1Lansing Court
1Lansing Drive
1Lansing Lane
3Lansing Street
1Lantana Avenue
1Lantana Drive
1Lanten Lane
1Lantern Chase Court
1Lantern Chase Drive
1Lantern Circle
1Lantern Court
2Lantern Drive
1Lantern Gateway NW
12Lantern Lane
1Lantern Light Way
2Lantern Way
1Lanyard Road
1Lapey Place
1Lapham Place
1Lapis Lane
1Lapley Court
1Lapoloma Drive
1Lapolt Avenue
1LaPorte Avenue
1LaPorte Meadows Drive
1Lapp Road
1Lapsley Avenue
1Lar Court
1Larain Court
1Laramie Way
1Laramoor Drive
1Larch Avenue SE
2Larch Circle
1Larch Court
2Larch Lane
1Larch Road
1Larch Way
1Larchdell Way
2Larchmont Court
3Larchmont Drive
2Larchmont Lane
1Larchmont Road
2Larchwood Avenue
1Larchwood Court
2Larchwood Drive
1Larchwood Lane
1Larchwood Place
2Larchwood Road
1Laredo Drive North
1Laredo Street South
1Laredo Way South
1Largo San Nicola
1Largo Way
1Lariat Court
1Lariat Lane
1Larison Lane
2Lark Drive
4Lark Lane
5Lark Street
1Larka Court
1Larker Avenue
1Larkin Lane
1Larkin Road
3Larkin Street
1Larkins Bridge Drive
1Larks Nest Road
1Larkspur Circle
1Larkspur Circle East
1Larkspur Circle North
1Larkspur Circle West
1Larkspur Court
4Larkspur Drive
7Larkspur Lane
1Larkspur Place North
1Larkspur Place South
2Larkspur Road
1Larkwood Court
1Larkwood Drive
1Larraway Drive
1Larrimore Lane
1Larrycrest Drive
1Lars Lane
1Larsen Park Drive
1Lartan Trail
1Larty Drive
1LaRue Lane
1Larzelere Lane
1Larzelere Road
1Las Animas Street East
1Las Brisas Boulevard
1Las Haciendas Drive
1Las Palmas Drive
1Las Pinos Court
1Las Vegas Drive
1Las Vegas Street East
3LaSalle Avenue
1LaSalle Lane
1Lasalle Road
1Lasalle Street
1Lassen Court
1Lassiter Mill Road
1Laster Street
1Latah Avenue
1Latch Lane
1Latch String Lane
1Latches Lane
1Latham Court
3Latham Lane
2Latham Street
1Latham Way
1Lathrop Lane
1Lathrop Road
1Lathrup Avenue
1Latigo Trail
1Latimer Court
1Latimer Drive
1Latimer Lane
2Latimer Street
1Latimer Street West
1Latimer Way
1Laton Street
1Latona Road
1Latour Court
1Latour Lane
1Latrobe Avenue South
1Latrobe Stret
1Latta Court
1Lattice Lane
1Laubert Road
1Lauderdale Drive
1Lauer Court
1Lauer Lane
2Laughead Avenue
1Laughing Waters Trail
1Laughlin Street
1Launfall Road
1Laura Drive
7Laura Lane
2Laura Place
2Laura Street
1Laura Way
2Laurance Avenue
1Laurance Lane
1Laurdane Road
2Laureen Road
1Laurel Ave E
1Laurel Ave W
10Laurel Avenue
2Laurel Avenue East
1Laurel Avenue North
1Laurel Avenue South
1Laurel Avenue West
1Laurel Brooke Lane
1Laurel Canyon Drive
4Laurel Circle
1Laurel Circle Drive
10Laurel Court
1Laurel Cove Way
1Laurel Creek Boulevard
15Laurel Drive
1Laurel Glen Drive
1Laurel Grove Lane
1Laurel Hill Avenue
1Laurel Hill Circle
1Laurel Hill Court
1Laurel Hill Drive
2Laurel Hill Road
19Laurel Lane
1Laurel Leaf Road
1Laurel Moors Drive
1Laurel Oak Drive
1Laurel Oak Lane
1Laurel Oaks Drive
1Laurel Oaks Lane
1Laurel Park Drive
1Laurel Parkway
4Laurel Place
1Laurel Ridge Lane
1Laurel Ridge Plaza
1Laurel Ridge Road
3Laurel Road
17Laurel Street
2Laurel Street East
5Laurel Street North
1Laurel Street SE
1Laurel Street South
3Laurel Street West
1Laurel Trace
1Laurel Trail
1Laurel Tree Drive
1Laurel Valley Drive
4Laurel Way
1Laurel Wood Lane
1Laurel Woods Drive
1Laurel Woods Road
1Laurelbrook Road
1Laurelhurst Drive
1Laurelhurst Place South
2Laurelwood Court
4Laurelwood Drive
3Laurelwood Lane
4Laurelwood Road
1Laurelwood Way
1Laurelwyck Drive
1Lauren Circle
3Lauren Court
1Lauren Lake Drive
4Lauren Lane
1Lauren Way
1Laurence Drive
1Laurens Lane
2Laurens Street
1Laurie Drive
1Laurie Hill Road
3Laurie Lane
1Laurie Way
1Lautenbrug Boulevard
1Lava Cove
1Lava Drive
1Lava Road NW
1Laval Circle
1Laval Court
1Lavalette Lane
1Laveer Road
4Lavender Court
3Lavender Drive
2Lavender Hill Drive
6Lavender Lane
1Lavender Road
1Lavender Street
2Lavenham Court
1Lavenham Place
2Lavera Road
1Lavergne Avenue South
1Lavergne Street
1Laverock Road
1Lavery Road
1Lavina Avenue
1Lavista Place
1Lavister Drive
1Lavoisier Street
1Law Street
1Lawler Avenue
1Lawler Avenue South
1Lawmar Lane
2Lawn Avenue
1Lawn Avenue East
1Lawn Avenue West
1Lawncroft Avenue
1Lawndale Drive
6Lawndale Road
1Lawnsbury Drive
1Lawnside Drive
1Lawnside Road
1Lawnton Avenue
1Lawnton Road
1Lawnton Terrace
1Lawnview Drive
1Lawnwood Court
1Lawnwoods Drive
6Lawrence Avenue
1Lawrence Boulevard East
1Lawrence Circle
2Lawrence Drive
3Lawrence Lane
1Lawrence Place
3Lawrence Road
12Lawrence Street
2Lawrence Street North
1Lawrence Street South
1Lawrenceville Road
1Lawrenceville-Pennington Road
1Lawrencia Drive
1Laws Drive
1Laws Street South
2Lawson Drive
1Lawson Lane
1Lawson Road
2Lawson Street
1Lawton Road
1Lawyers Glen Drive
1Lawyers Station Drive
1Lawyersville Road
1Laxon Court
1Layman Street
1Laymens Way
1Layton Avenue
1Lazy Lane
1Lazy Turtle Circle
1Le Conte Avenue
2Le Forge Court
1Le Grand Street
1Le Grande Drive
1Le Green Street
1Le Moyne Avenue
1Le Parc Circle
1Le Parc Drive
1Le Pont Circle
1Lea Avenue
1Lea Court
3Lea Drive
1Lea Lane
1Lea Road
1Leabrook Court
1Leach Street
1Leachburg Drive
1Lead Avenue
1Leader Avenue
1Leadline Lane
1Leadville Place
1Leaf Drive
3Leaf Lane
1Leaf Spring Way
2Leah Court
2Leah Lane
1Leak Street
1Leak Street North
1Leamington Court
1Leaning Lane
1Leann Drive
1Leanne Street
1Leapson Lane
1Lear Place
1Learneds Mill Road
1Learning Lane
1Leas Lane
1Leas Way
1Leaside Drive
1Leasure Avenue
1Leather Oak
1Leatherbark Road
1Leatherleaf Court
1Leathermans Walk
1Leathers Lane
1Leatherstocking Street
1Leatherwood Drive
1Leavering Mill Lane
1Leawood Drive
1Lebanon Avenue
1Lebanon Hills Drive
1Lebanon Road West
2Lebanon Street
1Lebbie Lane
1Lebel Road
1Lebia Court
1Leckie Lane
1Leckie Lane East
1Leckie Lane West
1Leclaire Avenue South
1LeClay Drive
1Ledbetter Drive West
1Ledbetter Street
1Ledbetter Street North
1Ledbetter Street South
1Ledge Hill Cove NE
1Ledge Lane
1Ledgewater Drive
1Ledgewood Lane
1Ledgewood Mill Way NE
1Ledyard Lane
1Lee Ann Road
5Lee Avenue
6Lee Avenue North
1Lee Brook Way
3Lee Circle
1Lee Circle Court
4Lee Court
3Lee Drive
4Lee Lane
1Lee Lynn Lane
1Lee Park Hill
1Lee Parkway South
1Lee Place
1Lee Road East
10Lee Street
2Lee Street East
1Lee Street NE
2Lee Street North
1Lee Street SE
1Lee Street South
1Lee Street West
2Lee Way
1Leech Road
2Leedom Avenue
1Leedom Place
2Leedom Way
2Leedoms Drive
4Leeds Court
2Leeds Place
3Leeds Road
1Leeds Street
1Leedum Lane
1Leeland Drive
1Leeland Street
1Leemar Drive
1Lees Hill Road
1Lees Lane
1Leesburg Circle
1Leesburg Lane
1Leeshore Lane
1Leesport Road West
1Leesville Cross Road
1Leet Avenue
4Leetes Island Road
2Leeward Lane
1Leeward Road
1Leeward Street
1Leffelle Street SE
1Lefferts Way
1Leffler Circle
1Leflore Avenue
2Leftwich Street
1Legacy Court
1Legacy Drive
1Legacy Farm Drive
1Legacy Lane
1Legacy Oaks Drive
1Legacy Wood Circle NE
1Legacy Wood Drive NE
1Legend Creek Drive
1Legend Drive
1Legendary Lane
1Legends Crest Drive
1Legends Glen Court
1Legends Lane
1Legends Park Circle
1Legends Parkway
2Legends Way
1Legget Street
1Leggetts Lane
3Legion Avenue
1Legion Drive
1Legion Lane
1Legion Street
1Legislative Lane
1LeGrand Avenue
2Lehann Circle
3Lehigh Avenue
1Lehigh Avenue East
1Lehigh Circle East
1Lehigh Court
3Lehigh Drive
1Lehigh Lane
3Lehigh Street
1Lehman Avenue East
1Lehmuth Drive
1Lehn Drive
1Lehnertz Avenue
1Lehnertz Circle
1Leicester Lane
1Leicester Street
1Leigh Court
2Leigh Street
1Leigh Street East
2Leigh Street West
1Leight Street
2Leighton Avenue
2Leighton Court
1Leighton Drive
2Leighton Lane
1Leighurst Drive
1Leila Court
1Leininger Avenue
1Leisenring Street
4Leisure Lane
1Leisure Way
1Leitch Avenue
1Leith Hill Drive
1Leithsville Road
1Lela Avenue
1Leland Avenue
1Leland Road
1Lemacks Street North
1Lemacks Street South
1Lembo Drive
1Lemme Lane
1Lemon Alley
1Lemon Avenue
1Lemon Grass Court
1Lemon Gulch Way
1Lemon Hill Drive
1Lemon Lane
4Lemon Street
4Lemon Street East
1Lemonton Court
1Lemonton Way
1Lemoyne Avenue
1Lempa Road
1Lemur Lane
1Lena Way
1Lenape Avenue
1Lenape Circle
3Lenape Court
5Lenape Drive
7Lenape Lane
1Lenape Park Road
3Lenape Road
2Lenape Trail
1Lencioni Court
1Lenlake Court
1Lenmar Drive
2Lenmore Court
1Lenn Road
1Lenni Drive
1Lenni Road
1Lennon Circle
1Lennon Court
1Lennon Drive
1Lennon Lane
2Lennox Avenue
1Lennox Court
1Lennox Place
1Lennox Road
1Lenoir Avenue
1Lenoir Avenue West
1Lenoir Street West
1Lenora Avenue
2Lenora Lane
1Lenore Road
1Lenox Avenue
2Lenox Court
1Lenox Drive
2Lenox Lane
1Lenox Place
1Lenox Pointe Drive
5Lenox Road
7Lenox Street
1Lenox Street East
1Lentz Road
1Lenwood Court
1Lenwood Drive
2Leo Lane
1Leo Street
1Leola Lane
1Leon Circle
2Leon Drive
2Leona Avenue
1Leona Court
1Leona Drive
1Leona Lane
2Leonard Avenue
1Leonard Court
1Leonard Lane
1Leonard Road
4Leonard Street
1Leonard Street North
1Leonard Street South
1Leonards Lane
1Leonardville Road
1Leone Lane
1Leone Road
1Leonidas Court
1Leonora Street
3Leopard Road
1Leos Den
2Leprechaun Lane
1Lerch Road
2Leroy Place
1Leroy Road
2Leroy Street
1Les Dudley Drive
1Lesha Drive
1Lesher Alley
1Leshner Lane
1Leski Lane
1Lesley Drive
2Leslie Avenue
1Leslie Drive
3Leslie Lane
1Leslie Place
1Leslie Place NE
1Leslie Street
1Leslie Street SE
2Leslie Way
1Lessandro Street
1Lester Road
1Lester Street
1Lestershire Drive
1Letchworth Avenue
1Letchworth Lane
1Letitia Aubrey Lane
1Letitia Drive
1Letort Lane
1Letterkenny Lane
1Levee Place
1Leveilee Street
1Levering Mill Road East
1Levering Mill Road West
1Levernia Alley
2Levert Avenue
1Levi Court
1Levi Street
1Levingston Circle
1Lewallen Drive
6Lewis Avenue
1Lewis Avenue North
1Lewis Drive
1Lewis Farm Drive
1Lewis Mountain Road
5Lewis Road
1Lewis Road East
1Lewis Road West
7Lewis Street
1Lewis Street South
1Lewis Street West
1Lewis Terrace
1Lewis-Wadhams Road
1Lewisburg Lane
1Lewisham Road
1Lewiston Avenue
1Lewiston Circle South
1Lewiston Street South
1Lewisville Court
2Lewisville Road
1Lexie Court
13Lexington Avenue
1Lexington Avenue East
1Lexington Avenue South
1Lexington Boulevard
1Lexington Circle
10Lexington Court
13Lexington Drive
3Lexington Lane
1Lexington Mews
1Lexington Park Road
1Lexington Parkway South
3Lexington Road
3Lexington Street
1Lexton Run
1Leyland Court
1Leyner Street
1Liam Court
1Liam Drive
1Lianne Street
1Liat Drive
1Liatris Drive
1Libby Court
1Libby Drive
2Libby Lane
2Liberator Street
1Liberte Court
2Liberte Lane
5Liberty Avenue
1Liberty Bell Circle
3Liberty Bell Drive
3Liberty Circle
11Liberty Court
7Liberty Drive
1Liberty Drive West
7Liberty Lane
4Liberty Place
3Liberty Road
1Liberty Road North
25Liberty Street
1Liberty Street NE
5Liberty Street North
1Liberty Street SE
1Liberty Street South
4Liberty Street West
1Liberty Trail Court East
1Liberty Trail Court West
1Liberty Valley Road
1Liberty View Court
1Liberty Way
1Liborio Drive
1Libra Lane
3Library Avenue
1Library Lane
2Library Place
3Library Road
2Library Street
1Library Street South
1Licciardello Drive
1Licia Drive
1Lido Lane
1Liedtke Drive
1Lifford Lane
1Light Farm Drive
1Light Horse Court
1Light Moon Way
1Light Street
1Lightburne Street North
1Lightfoot Drive
1Lighthouse Court
1Lighthouse Lane
1Lighthouse Place
1Lightning Drive
1Lighton Drive
1Ligustrum Drive
1Lilac Circle
4Lilac Court
1Lilac Court NE
16Lilac Lane
2Lilac Place
3Lilac Street
1Lilac Terrace
2Lilac Way
1Lilian Court
1Lillac Lane
1Lilley Avenue
1Lillian Avenue
1Lillian Drive
1Lillian Lane
1Lillian Lane East
1Lillie Street
1Lillington Avenue
1Lilly Drive
2Lilly Lane
1Lilly Pond Lane
1Lilly Street
3Lily Court
1Lily Cove
1Lily Drive
1Lily Lake Road
1Lily Lane
2Lily Pond Lane
2Lily Road
1Lily Way
1Lima School Court
1Lima Street
1Lime Rock Road
1Limekiln Drive
9Limekiln Pike
2Limekiln Road
1Limerick Center Road
1Limerick Lane
1Limerick Road
1Limerick Square
1Limerick Street
1Limerock Lane
1Limestone Hill Lane
1Limestone Lane
2Limestone North
1Limestone Plaza
5Limestone Road
1Limestone Run
1Limestone South
2Limestone Street
1Limestone Way
1Limetree Drive
1Limeville Drive
1Limewood Drive
1Limewood Road
1Limit Avenue
1Limner Court
1Lincklean Street
1Lincoln Alley
26Lincoln Avenue
1Lincoln Avenue East
4Lincoln Avenue North
4Lincoln Avenue South
1Lincoln Avenue West
1Lincoln Boulevard
4Lincoln Circle
5Lincoln Court
10Lincoln Drive
1Lincoln Drive South
1Lincoln Heights
5Lincoln Highway
6Lincoln Lane
1Lincoln Park
1Lincoln Park Drive West
1Lincoln Park Place NW
2Lincoln Place
1Lincoln Place NE
5Lincoln Road
24Lincoln Street
1Lincoln Street NE
2Lincoln Street North
2Lincoln Street West
2Lincoln Way East
1Lincoln Way West
1Lincolndale Court
1Lincolnshire Drive
1Lincolnshire Lane
1Lincolnshire Road
1Lincolnway Street
1Linconia Avenue
1Lincris Lane
1Lincroft Lane
2Linda Avenue
2Linda Circle
2Linda Court
5Linda Drive
11Linda Lane
1Linda Shore Cove
1Linda Shore Drive
1Linda Street
1Linda Way
1Lindale Drive
1Lindberg Avenue
3Lindbergh Avenue
1Lindbergh Lane
1Linden Alley
11Linden Avenue
1Linden Avenue East
2Linden Avenue North
1Linden Avenue South
1Linden Avenue West
2Linden Circle
2Linden Court
5Linden Drive
1Linden Hall Road
5Linden Lane
6Linden Place
1Linden Point Road
4Linden Road
15Linden Street
1Linden Street North
1Linden Street South
2Linden Street West
1Linden Tree Lane
1Linden Village Way
1Linden Walk
3Linden Way
1Lindenbrook Way
1Lindenfield Parkway
1Lindenhall Circle
1Lindenhurst Court
1Lindenhurst Road
2Lindenwood Drive
1Lindfield Circle
1Lindhaven Drive
1Lindlavista Way
1Lindleigh Drive
1Lindley Lane
1Lindley Place
1Lindley Road
1Lindley Street
1Lindmar Court
1Lindmark Drive
1Lindsay Avenue North
1Lindsay Circle
2Lindsay Court
1Lindsay Drive
3Lindsay Lane
1Lindsay Street East
3Lindsey Court
1Lindsey Lane
1Lindsey Place
1Lindsley Court
1Lindura Street
1Lindy Creek Road
1Lindy Drive
2Lindy Lane
1Line Avenue
1Line Avenue North
1Line Place
1Lineberger Road
1Linford Street
1Linganore Place
1Lingle Terrace
1Lingo Street
1Linhurst Court
1Link Drive
1Links Circle
1Links Drive
1Links Lane
2Links Way
1Linksman Lane
1Linkwood Drive
1Linn Court
1Linn Street
1Linn Street North
1Linnet Road
1Linnworthy Drive
1Linstead Drive
1Lintel Drive North
1Lintel Drive South
3Linton Avenue
1Linton Hill Road
2Linton Road
1Linvale Place East
1Linville Avenue
1Linville Lane
1Linwick Drive
2Linwood Avenue
1Linwood Avenue North
1Linwood Circle East
1Linwood Street
1Linwood Terrace East
1Lionheart Crescent
1Lionheart Drive
1Lionheart Lane
1Lionheart Way
2Lions Drive
1Lions Gate Circle
1Lippard Avenue
1Lippard Springs Circle
1Lippazon Way
5Lippincott Avenue
1Lippincott Court
1Lippincott Road
1Lipton Avenue
1Lipton Lane
1Lipton Place
1Liriope Lane
1Lis Avenue
1Lisa Circle
1Lisa Court
4Lisa Drive
4Lisa Lane
1Lisa Turn
2Lisa Way
1Lisadell Drive
1Lisann Court
1Lisbon Avenue
1Lisbon Center State Highway
1Lisbon Street
1Lisbon-Flackville Road
1Lisburn Court
1Lisdowney Drive
1Lise Drive
1Lisette Drive
1Lismore Place
1Lismore Street
1Lister Court
1Lita Lane
1Litaker Avenue
1Litchfield Drive
1Litchfield Hollow
1Litchfield Lane
3Litchfield Road
1Litchfield Street
1Littel Street
1Littele Fox Lane
1Little Adams Run
1Little Avenue
1Little Back River Road
1Little Court
2Little Creek Drive
1Little Creek Lane
1Little Creek Road
1Little Croft Court
1Little Eagle Court
1Little Egypt Road
1Little Elk Creek Road
2Little Farm Lane
1Little Fawn Circle
1Little Fawn Lane
1Little John Circle
1Little John Drive
1Little Knoll Court
3Little Lane
1Little Leaf Court
1Little Leaf Lane
1Little Peninsula Road
1Little Pine Court
1Little Pine Road
1Little Pond Road
1Little Rest Road
1Little River Lane
1Little Rock Avenue North
1Little Round Top Court
1Little Shiloh Road
2Little Street
1Little Turtle Way
1Little Washington Road
1Little York Road West
1Little York-Mt Pleasant Road
1Little York-Pattenburg Road
1Littlecroft Road
1Littlefield Street
1Littleford Lane
1Littlejohn Street
1Littlestone Court
1Littleton Drive North
2Littleton Drive West
1Littleton Road
1Littlewood Street West
4Live Oak Avenue
1Live Oak Court
4Live Oak Drive
1Live Oak Street
1Liveoak Court
1Livermore Terrace
1Liverpool Lane
1Liverpool Street
1Livingston Avenue
1Livingston Avenue East
2Livingston Court
2Livingston Drive
3Livingston Lane
1Livingston Place
1Livingston Road
6Livingston Street
1Livingstone Lane
1Livingstone Road
1Livsey Place
1Liz Circle
1Lizzy Drive
1Llanberis Avenue
1Llandovery Drive
1Llanfair Circle
1Llanfair Lane
1Llanfair Place
1Llanfair Road
1Llano River Trail
1Llanwellyn Avenue
1Llewellyn Avenue South
1Llewellyn Lane
1Llewellyn Place
2Llewellyn Street
1Llewellyn Street North
1Llewelyn Drive
2Lloyd Avenue
1Lloyd Court
1Lloyd Lane
1Lloyd Patterson Road
1Lloyd Road
1Lobelia Circle
1Loblolly Circle
1Loblolly Lane
1Loblolly Pine Drive
2Loblolly Street
1Loch Aline Drive
1Loch Alsh Drive
1Loch Arbor Court
1Loch Frye Lane
1Loch Haven Court
1Loch Haven Pass
1Loch Linneh Place
1Loch Lomomd Avenue
2Loch Lomond Court
1Loch Lomond Drive
1Loch Ness Court
1Loch Rannoch Circle
1Lochalsh Lane
1Lochatong Road
1Lochinvar Court
1Lochinvar Drive
1Lochlevan Lane West
1Lochleven Lane
1Lochmoor Place
1Lochview Drive
1Lochwinnoch Lane
2Lochwood Lane
1Lock Avenue South
1Lock Lane
2Lock Street
1Lockard Avenye
1Locke Circle
1Locke Court
1Locke Lane
1Locke Road
1Lockefield Drive
1Lockefield Lane
1Lockerbie Lane
1Lockerbie Road
1Lockett Avenue
1Lockewood Court
1Lockewood Lane
1Lockhart Street
1Lockheed Avenue
1Lockinwood Lane
1Lockland Avenue
1Lockleigh Road
1Lockpit Road
1Lockport Lane
1Lockridge Circle
1Locksley Court
1Lockwood Avenue North
1Lockwood Avenue South
1Lockwood Circle
1Lockwood Court
4Lockwood Drive
1Lockwood Lane
1Lockwood Way
4Locust Avenue
1Locust Avenue East
1Locust Avenue SE
2Locust Avenue South
1Locust Avenue West
4Locust Court
1Locust Curve Drive
5Locust Drive
1Locust Drive West
1Locust Grove Drive
1Locust Knoll Road
16Locust Lane
1Locust Lane West
1Locust Point Road North
1Locust Ridge Drive
9Locust Road
29Locust Street
3Locust Street East
1Locust Street North
1Locust Street South
1Locust Street West
1Locust Valley Road
1Locust Way
1Loden Drive
1Lodge Road
1Lodge Street
1Lodge Way
1Lodgepole Lane
1Lodgestone Drive
1Lodi Hill Road
1Loeschs Lane
1Loft Mountain Drive
1Lofton Circle
1Loftus Road
1Log Cabin Lane
2Log Cabin Road
1Log College Drive
1Log Lane
1Log Lick Road
1Log Pond Drive
1Log Pond Lane
1Logan Avenue
1Logan Avenue East
1Logan Avenue South
2Logan Boulevard
1Logan Circle
3Logan Court
1Logan Drive
1Logan Lane
1Logan Road
4Logan Street
1Logan Street East
1Logan Street SE
1Loganberry Court
2Loganberry Drive
1Logans Way
1Logger Lane
1Logger Mill Road
1Loggie Gulch Circle
1Loghouse Road
1Logtown Road
1Lohnes Road
1Lohse Road
5Lois Lane
1Lois Road
1Lois Street
1Loker Court
1Lola Lane South
1Lollard Court
1Loma Alta Trail
1Loma Lane
1Loma Linda Boulevard East
1Loma Prieta Circle
1Lomara Drive
1Lomax Ridge Drive
1Lomax Street
2Lombard Avenue
6Lombard Street
1Lombard Street North
1Lombard Street South
1Lombardy Circle
1Lombardy Court
1Lombardy Lane
2Lombardy Road
1Lombardy Street North
1Lomeroy Street
2Lomond Street
1Lona Drive
6London Court
1London Drive
1London Grove Road
3London Lane
3London Road
1London Square
1London Way
2Londonderry Court
1Londonderry Road
1Lone Lane
1Lone Mountain Trail
2Lone Oak Drive
1Lonely Goose Circle
1Lonepine Road
1Lonesome Spur Trail
1Lonesome Wind Way
1Lonetown Road
1Long Acre Drive
1Long Acre Lane
3Long Alley
3Long Avenue
1Long Avenue East
1Long Avenue North
1Long Avenue West
1Long Bow Circle
1Long Bow Drive
1Long Branch Drive
1Long Branch Way
2Long Cove Drive
2Long Creek Drive
1Long Drive West
1Long Forest Drive
6Long Hill Road
4Long Lane
1Long Leaf Drive
1Long Loop Road
2Long Meadow Drive
1Long Meadow Hill Road
2Long Meadow Road
1Long Nook Lane
1Long Oak Way
1Long Pond Drive
1Long Ridge Drive
1Long Ridge Lane
2Long Ridge Road
1Long Road
2Long Street
1Long Street North
1Long Street South
2Long View Drive
3Longacre Drive
1Longbourn Street
1Longbow Lane
1Longbow Loop
1Longbow Place
2Longbridge Drive
1Longchamps Circle
1Longcroft Road
1Longdale Avenue
1Longenbach Avenue
2Longfellow Avenue
2Longfellow Court
1Longfellow Drive
1Longfellow Drive North
1Longfellow Drive South
2Longfellow Lane
1Longfellow Street
1Longfield Drive
2Longfield Road
1Longfields Way
1Longford Road
1Longford Street
1Longhill Court
1Longhorn Avenue
1Longhorn Circle
1Longhorn Court
1Longhorn Drive SW
2Longhurst Road
1Longkill Road
1Longleaf Court
2Longleaf Drive
1Longleaf Lane
1Longleaf Pine
1Longmeadow Court
4Longmeadow Drive
1Longmeadow Lane
1Longo Drive
1Longpoint Lane
1Longport Court
1Longridge Court
1Longshore Avenue
1Longstem Lane
1Longstreet Drive
1Longstreet Lane
1Longstreth Avenue
1Longstreth Road
1Longuevue Drive
1Longview Avenue
1Longview Circle
1Longview Circle North
1Longview Court
7Longview Drive
1Longview Drive West
1Longview Lake Drive
2Longview Lane
4Longview Road
1Longview Street
1Longview Terrace
1Longwillow Court
3Longwood Avenue
4Longwood Circle
3Longwood Court
7Longwood Drive
1Longwood Drive SW
1Longwood Hills Road
3Longwood Lane
1Longwood Place
3Longwood Road
1Lonicera Court
1Lonnie Drive
1Lookaway Court
2Lookout Avenue
3Lookout Lane
1Lookout Pass
1Lookout Road
1Lookover Lane
1Loomis Avenue
1Loomis Place
2Loomis Street North
1Loop Street
1Looscan Lane
1Looseestrife Lane
1Lopatcong Drive
2Loquat Court
1Loraine Street
1Lorainne Drive
1Lorainne Road
1Loramie Circle
1Lorch Street
1Lord Ashley Road
1Lord Berkley Road
1Lord Fox Run
1Lord Howe Street
1Lord Lane
1Lord Place
1Lord Sterling Road
1Lordville Road
1Lorel Avenue South
1Loren Lane
1Loretta Boulevard
1Loretta Circle
1Loretta Lane
1Loretta Street
1Lori Court
5Lori Lane
1Lorien Drive
1Lorient Drive
1Lorimer Avenue
1Lorimer Drive
1Lorimer Road
1Lorimer Street
1Lorimer Street North
2Lorimer Street South
1Lorin Circle
1Lorine Lane
2Loring Avenue
2Loring Court
1Loring Place South
1Lorma Drive
1Lormann Street
1Lorne Road
1Lorraine Avenue
2Lorraine Drive
1Lorraine Place
4Lorraine Street
1Lorrie Lane
1Los Altos Drive
1Los Angeles Avenue
1Los Feliz Drive South
1Los Prados Way
2Losher Street
1Losito Drive
1Lost Bridge Street
1Lost Creek Court
1Lost Creek Drive
1Lost Highlands Lane
1Lost Mesa
1Lost Trail Place
1Lotheville Road
2Lott Avenue
2Lott Street
1Lotus Circle North
1Lotus Circle South
1Lotus Court
2Lotus Lane
2Lotus Place
1Louanna Avenue
1Loudon Place
2Loudon Road
1Loudoun Road
1Louella Avenue
1Louella Drive
1Loughlin Avenue
1Louie Parkway South
1Louis James Court
1Louis Place
1Louis Stephens Drive
2Louis Street
1Louis Street East
1Louisa Street
1Louisa Way
4Louise Avenue
4Louise Drive
1Louise Lane
1Louise Place NE
1Louise Road
1Louise St Claire Drive
1Louise Street
1Louise Way
1Louisian Avenue
6Louisiana Avenue
1Louisiana Avenue NW
1Louisiana Avenue West
1Louisiana Boulevard NE
2Louisiana Street
1Louisiana Trail
1Louisiana Way
1Louisville Road
1Louther Street West
1Love Alley
2Love Lane
1Love Plave
1Love Song Court
1Love Street
1Lovebird Court
1Lovebird Way
1Lovejoy Street
1Lovejoy Street NW
1Loveland Court
2Loveland Drive
1Lovell Drive
1Lovell Lake Road
1Lovell Lane
1Lovely Street
1Loveman Avenue
2Lovering Drive
4Lovers Lane
1Low Lane
2Low Road
1Lowber Street North
1Lowbridge Passage
4Lowell Avenue
1Lowell Avenue East
2Lowell Boulevard
2Lowell Court
4Lowell Drive
3Lowell Road
1Lowell Street
2Lowell Street NW
1Lowens Strasse
1Lower Assembly Drive
1Lower Bear Lane
1Lower Beaver Road
1Lower Boulevard
1Lower Center Street
1Lower Chester Road
1Lower Covert Road
1Lower Drive
1Lower Ferry Road
1Lower Hilltop Road
1Lower Hopewell Road
1Lower Market Street
1Lower Morrisville Road
1Lower Mountain Road
1Lower Mulberry Street
1Lower Orchard Drive
1Lower Orchard Turn
1Lower Park Road
1Lower Rocky Point Road
1Lower Saucon Road
1Lower School Street
1Lower St Dennis Road
2Lower State Road
1Lower Station Road
1Lower Street
1Lower Way Road
1Lower York Road
1Lowrey Road
1Lowry Avenue NE
1Lowrys Lane
1Loxely Lane
1Loxley Drive
1Loyalist Court
1Loyalsock Drive
1Loyce Drive
1Loyola Drive East
1Loyola Lane
1Loyola Place East
1Ls Colinas Drive
1Lubold Road
1Lubrano Lane
1Lucado Place
1Lucas Avenue North
3Lucas Court
1Lucas Lane
2Lucas Street
1Lucas Street South
1Lucas-Hunt Road
1Lucaya Circle
1Lucerne Drive
1Lucerne Street
1Lucerne Way
1Lucier Heights
1Lucile Avenue
1Lucille Court
1Lucille Lane
2Lucille Street
1Lucinda Drive
1Luckie Lane
1Lucknow Road
1Lucky Court
1Lucky Dan Drive
1Lucky Street
1Lucy Court
2Lucy Drive
1Lucy Street
1Ludington Circle
1Ludlam Street
1Ludlow Court
1Ludlow Place
2Ludlow Road
1Ludlow Street
1Ludlum Place
3Ludwell Drive
1Ludwig Alley
1Ludwigs Crossing Lane
1Luella Anne Court NE
1Luella Anne Drive NE
1Luella Avenue
1Luella Road
2Luff Lane
1Luke Circle
2Luke Court
2Lukens Avenue
1Lukens Lane
1Lukken Court
1Lullwater Circle
1Lumar Road
1Lumber Jack Circle
1Lumber Street North
1Lumbermill Lane
1Lumberyard Road
1Lumpoc Court
1Luna Court
1Lunar Lane
1Lunber Sound
1Lundberg Avenue
1Lundgren Road
1Lunen Street
1Lunenburg Road
1Lunsford Lane
3Lupine Circle
1Lupine Lane
1Lupine Road
1Lupus Lane
1Luquer Street
1Luray Avenue
1Luray Drive
1Luray Lane
1Lusanne Terrace
1Lusk Avenue
1Lusk Lane
1Lutece Circle
2Luther Road
1Lutz Avenue
1Luwista Lane
1Lux Lane
1Luxembourg Avenue
1Luxorwind Drive
1Luzerne Court
2Luzerne Street
1Lyceum Court
2Lycoming Avenue
1Lycoming Street
1Lyda Street
1Lydia Drive
1Lydia Lane
1Lydia Street
1Lydia Street NE
1Lydias Way
1Lyell Avenue
1Lyia Branch
1Lyle Lane
1Lyman Hall Building
2Lyme Street
1Lynbrook Way
1Lynbrooke Drive
1Lynch Court
1Lynch Road
2Lynch Street
1Lynch Way
1Lynchburg Avenue
1Lynchet Lane SE
1Lynda Lane
1Lyndale Avenue South
1Lyndale Court
3Lyndhurst Avenue
1Lyndhurst Crossing North
2Lyndhurst Drive
1Lyndley Drive
1Lyndon Avenue
1Lyndonville Road
1Lynetree Drive
1Lynford Road West
1Lynhurst Avenue
1Lynk Road
5Lynn Avenue
1Lynn Boulevard
1Lynn Boulevard North
2Lynn Circle
1Lynn Court
3Lynn Drive
1Lynn Lane
1Lynn Place
2Lynn Road
1Lynn Rose Court
3Lynn Street
1Lynn Street North
2Lynn Way
1Lynnacre Drive
1Lynndale Street
1Lynne Circle
2Lynne Drive
1Lynne Place
1Lynnefield Court
1Lynner Drive
1Lynnette Court
1Lynnewood Drive
1Lynnfield Drive
1Lynnfield Place
1Lynnhaven Drive SW
1Lynns Court
1Lynnwood Lane
2Lynrose Circle
1Lynwood Court
3Lynwood Drive
2Lynwood Lane
2Lynwood Place
1Lynwood Road
1Lynwood Street East
1Lynwood Way
1Lynx Avenue
1Lynx Court
1Lynx Place South
1Lynx Way
1Lynze Lane
1Lyon Circle
1Lyon Street
2Lyon Street NE
1Lyon Street South
1Lyon Terrace
1Lyons Avenue
1Lyons Circle
1Lyons Drive
1Lyons Plains Road
1Lyons Road
2Lyons Street
1Lyra Lane
1Lyric Drive
1Lysander Lane
1Lyter Court
1Lytton Avenue

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