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Neighborhood Street Names – 9

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Links to Street Names appearing in two or more different Living Places neighborhoods and/or historic districts.

# of

Street Name
19 and One-Half Street West
190th Drive NW
190th Drive West
190th Lane North
190th Place West
190th Street East
190th Street West
190th Way North
191st Place North
191st Street North
191st Street West
191st Way North
192nd Avenue West
192nd Street West
192nd Terrace West
292nd Way North
193rd Street West
193rd Way North
294th Place North
194th Place West
294th Street West
194th Terrace West
195th Avenue West
195th Street North
195th Street West
196th Street West
196th Way North
297th Place North
397th Street West
197th Terrace West
197th Way North
198th Place North
198th Street West
198th Terrace NW
298th Terrace West
198th Way North
199th Avenue South
199th Place North
199th Street North
19th Alley North
109th Avenue
19th Avenue NE
39th Avenue North
19th Avenue SE
29th Avenue South
19th Avenue SW
39th Avenue West
19th Court North
19th Court South
19th Place NW
299th Street
19th Street Alley
169th Street East
99th Street North
19th Street NW
149th Street South
19th Street SW
179th Street West
19th Terrace North

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